Perfectly Satisfying Homemade Chili

As the weather turns cold, I find myself with new cravings. My desire for salad and the fresh fruit of summer changes to needing everything pumpkin flavored with hints of cinnamon. But one cra

Mom Conference Giveaway!

MOM CONFERENCE GIVEAWAY Guess what time it is??? It’s time for The Mom Conference!!!!  Thousands of moms have already signed up for this amazing online event.  We have 20 well renowned experts

Apricot Fruit Leather- An Easy Lunchbox Favorite

There is something in the air, can you feel it? It’s something that speaks of the end of summer rapidly approaching, and it comes with a strange urge to buy pencils and backpacks, and to stock

Homemade Chips

I don't know about YOUR cravings, but if MY family is wanting something salty, chips and salsa hits the spot! But what if chips are not a staple you buy in your home?  That's ok!  You don't have

How to Take the Stress Out Of Toddler Feeding       

 I am so excited to share this post from guest blogger, Dr. Orlena Kerek. If you have a toddler, you definitely will want to read this! There is no doubt that parenting toddlers is a t

FREE 7 Day Meal Plan

I am SO happy you are here for our free 7 Day meal plan.  I have intentionally made the recipes in this meal plan healthy, simple, and with ingredients you will actually recognize. With so m

The Three-Box Method for Organizing Your Space

I’m so excited that April Perry of LearnDoBecome is going to share her incredibly simple way to get rid of clutter! If you feel like you are so entrenched in “stuff” that dreams and fam

Apple Nachos

School is quickly approaching and I’m pretty much having mixed feelings about it. Believe you me, I love a quiet house but I think about getting back in a routine again and I want to cry! The upsi

How to Grill a Whole Chicken

One of my most favorite things about summer is pulling out our grill and putting it to work. We use it four or five times a week during the warmer months. And do you know why I love grilling so mu

Strawberry Picking and Summer Salads

As a "stay at home mom" (AKA an on the go mom) I feel like we are constantly in the car driving from one fun thing to the next. Especially in the summer. Each day we need to come up with fun things to

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