A Few Of My Favorites – Part 1

I tend to be long winded!  Just ask my husband, ha ha.  So when it comes to talking about my favorite things, you might need to take a seat.  When I love something, I really LOVE it. So much so that I will tell the world about it.  That is why this website and The Mom Conference are so much fun for me to do.

Don’t worry I will break this post up into two separate posts to not overwhelm you with so many awesome things!


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 The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

This book changed my life.  OK, that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  I actually bought this book and read it for my husband.  I have never been super organized and clutter drives my husband crazy!  I read it and followed her exact system.  I got rid of SO much stuff.  I read it right after I had already de-cluttered from moving to California. I got rid of 15 large garbage bags of more stuff after reading this book.  The whole concept is that you only keep things that bring you joy. You systematically go through ALL of your stuff and let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.  The process of it all was like therapy for me – to let go of things.  It was SO freeing.  I planned for the whole process and even had my husband, Scotty take the kids out for one of my de-cluttering nights.  I completed the whole house in a couple weeks.  Since I have decluttered, it is SO much easier to keep my house clean.  It freed up space to want to decorate.  It makes it easier to find things.  I am down to 30 shirts, and it is THE best.  I can quickly find what I want to wear.  I take better care of the clothes I do have because I don’t have that many.  I also notice I don’t buy things because they are on sale, or if I am half way about it, I only buy something if I really love it, because I don’t want clutter in my house.  My husband has loved it.  The kids even got into it.  I had them go through the process of saying what they loved and didn’t, and getting rid of toys.  This was hard for them to do, but I think it brought awareness.


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Hobo Wallet

OK, this is pricey, but in my opinion SO worth it.  You can find these wallets on Nordstrom Rack sometimes for a better deal.  I got mine at Black Friday.  Since I have had this wallet, I haven’t lost my keys once! Can I hear a hallelujah!  That right there is SO worth this wallet.  I can put my keys and my phone in it.  It also has a space for your drivers license so you can just open it up without going through your whole wallet to find it.  It has kept me a lot more organized, and sometimes it is all I need to take out – if I don’t need diapers and wipes.



 Amazon Prime

Amazon prime revolutionized my life.  With young kids, Amazon prime is a life saver.  I have ordered everything from jeans to water balloons.  I am sure most of you moms reading this have an Amazon prime membership and know the joys of not having to load up the kids and drag them from store to store.  Plus, the prices are comparable and you can’t beat two day shipping.  It is nice for random craft stuff that is hard to find too.

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My only regret with these magnetic blocks is that we don’t have another set.  Skye and Isaiah both love to play with them,  and sometimes there aren’t enough blocks to go around.  This is one toy that a lot of different ages can play with.

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Beautiful Oops

This is THE cutest children’s book.  It explains how it is OK to make mistakes.  It shows the beauty of a ripped page, or spilled paint, and what you can create out of it.  I like it because it gives kids permission to not be perfect and open their creativity.

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Hello Kitty Make-up Set

This is a FULL set.  Skye got this for Christmas and any friend that comes over gets a make over.  She LOVES putting it on.  It isn’t bright or too much either and wipes off really easily.   This little set has provided hours of entertainment.

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From my first baby, to Cooper, this has been a big part of our lives.  I trained for a half iron man with Isaiah when he was a baby pulling him in the single chariot.  I even strapped him in and pulled him cross country skiing.  We have a double now.  I pull Cooper all over the place in it.  We have a tandem cruiser bike and love Sunday rides when we pull the chariot while cruising on our tandem.


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Pentel Arts Oil Pastels

These crayons are SO vibrant.  They are really easy to color with and my kids love them. We do a lot of crafting at my house and these have been our favorite crayons.  You could call us crayon connoisseurs. We found the cutest website that has been fun for the kids to learn how to draw.  Even Skye has been following along and learning to draw.






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4 Responses to A Few Of My Favorites – Part 1

  1. Jessica LeBaron says:

    Would you mind sharing with us what the cutest website for learning to draw is? 😀

    • Desi says:

      HI Jessica! YES I meant to put that in there. It is called Art Hub for Kids. It is a Dad with his kids showing how to draw. You see his drawing then his kids drawing the same picture. It helps give confidence to my kids they can do it to watch the kids drawing. SO fun!!!!

  2. Shelley Walton says:

    Hi Desi,
    Love all your picks today, they really struck a chord, and yes girl, you got a hallelujah! I’m loading my prime cart with goodies right now, some for my neice, some for my girls! I’m curious what website you use for art ideas, and if anyone knows of a more advanced art instruction for older kiddos. We recently moved, and I have a precious almost 16 year old who is yearning for instruction. It would be salve to her wounded heart. Thank you so much, I appreciate your ideas!!

    • Desi says:

      Hi SHelley! Thanks for the hallelujah!! Oh I am so happy you have found something that you like. I LOVE all of these things. Lucky girls and your niece!! For your 16 year old YES!!! The website is Art Hub for Kids. It is run by a Dad with his three kids. He does videos with each one of his kids. He draws right along side them. His oldest son draws some pretty amazing things! I think it would be right up her ally. Check it out and see. If it isn’t advanced enough when I have watched it on You Tube, other channels have also popped up on the side that might be more advanced. But Art Hub for Kids has a really wide range and the drawings are SO fun! Plus the Dad is THE cutest with his kids. I can’t wait for your daughter to get drawing!!

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