Apple Cider Smoothie

Apple Cider Smoothie

For the last four years we have had an apple cider making party.  My friend Amanda, who is the hardest worker you have ever met, picks a garage full of apples.  I am not exaggerating.   She probably had over 40 boxes of apples in her garage.   The apple  cider fest started at 8 in the morning and probably went to midnight, I left early.  I only joined the fun for three or four hours.

She has it down to a system.  One station washes, cuts the apples, and puts them in a buckets.  The other station (usually the boys) crank the press.  The press is amazing.  It is probably older than I am.  By hand you crank and press the apples until only dried pulp is left over.  The result, the most amazing apple cider you have EVER tasted.  I savor it every year and get mad at Scotty if he chugs it from the container.  I like  to put it in the freezer and drink it when it has slightly un-thawed, a heavenly apple slushy.

My sister saw gave me the idea for an apple cider  smoothie.  I broke my own apple cider rules and put it in the smoothie–wow it’s good.  I have been making it the last couple of mornings.  The kids LOVE it.  I added greens to it and the kids loved it.  Some smoothies they really like.  Some smoothies aren’t their favorite.  This one they both like, probably because it is so sweet.

 Apple Cider Smoothie




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