Applesauce Cake

Really quick before I get into the applesauce cake I wanted to thank all of you who entered in the giveaway.  It was so fun to read  your comments, great ideas, and have you like our page.  I really do appreciate you, and I don’t know if I say it enough.  So again a big hug and high five for being an advocate of eating real foods!

Are you sick of cake yet?  Because I won’t tell you that I figured out how to make the cake mix into a  1 minute single serving cake.  O.k. apparently I need to slow down on the cake mix.  I just have had my brain swimming with ideas on how to use it.  I promise you dear friends this is the last  cake mix idea for awhile I promise, unless you want more-and int that case I happily oblige.

I love this applesauce cake for a snack, not overly fancy or sweet.  It is really moist,dense, and full of apple goodness.   This cake is definitely a step above the boxed mixes but not to be eaten everyday-note to self!  I suggest if you are using sugar to try the sucanat, coconut sugar, or even turbinado sugar although turbinado isn’t that much better than sugar itself.  The reason  I use the aforementioned sugars in place of white sugar is because they are less refined.  Meaning they have a lot of the fiber and nutrients still in tact.  White sugar has been so refined it has nothing good in it for you.

Each natural sweetener has a different taste so experiment with them to see what combinations you like. Sucanat, or coconut sugar work well in this cake the apple pairs well with the stronger flavors of sucanat or coconut sugar.  I like to use sucanat with flavors that are more bold; chocolate, apple, squash, even berry cobblers, ginger-anything that would pair well with molasses.   If you aren’t familiar with sucanat it is white sugar before it has been refined.    When white sugar is refined they take out the molasses, sucanat still has the molasses in it.  It might take a little while to get used to the new flavors of the sweeteners but worth the switch.  If I really don’t want a strong flavor to come through in what I am making I will use turbinado sugar like in this lemon cake, or in the oatmeal raisin cookies.   Note: if you are overwhelmed by all of this, anything that you make on your own is leaps and bounds above store bought baked goods.  Make the switches in your diet one step at a time. O.k. on to baking the cake!

Do you have any questions about substituting natural sweeteners?  Do you have a favorite and how do you use it? Or better yet your favorite recipe using one.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

P.s. I promise to follow up this post with lots of fresh greens!



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