BBQ Chicken Slow Cooker Cob Salad

BBQ Chicken Slow Cooker

BBQ Chicken Salad

WHO DOESN’T LOVE CROCK-POT RECIPES?! From morning to evening they magically cook dinner. Voila!

But, before I get into this fabulous Crock-Pot recipe by Six Sisters Stuff, I need to tell you about something SO MUCH FUN that I’m hosting. It’s The Mom Conference. It’s a FREE, ONLINE summit for moms taking place from March 31st-April 7th 2014. Over 38 presenters are speaking on topics from busting out a month’s worth of dinners in a couple of hours to maintaining (or recreating) the sparks in your marriage… and so many more important, mom-centric topics.

Some of the speakers are these recognizable bloggers and authors:

  • Freshly Picked
  • Six Sisters Stuff
  • One Good Thing By Jillee
  • 100 Days of Real Food
  • Deliciously Organic

Plus another 30 fabulous speakers!

Even more cool, you can listen and learn from the presentations while folding laundry, doing the dishes, or other household duties all while wearing your favorite sweats. Who loves ya? I do!

On my blog I’ll feature different topics and/or recipes leading up to the event. Six Sisters, who I’m featuring with today’s recipe, is one of the speakers. Camille (the oldest of the sisters) will be speaking at the summit about “Family Traditions: The Glue That Keeps Families Close.” It’s a really fun interview with a lot of hilarious examples from her childhood growing up with ALL THOSE GIRLS in the house!

So sign up for FREE here: The Mom Conference. Tens of thousands will be in attendance to learn from these super moms; it’ll be one big online party!

As promised, here’s a quick and healthy Crock-Pot dinner from Six Sisters for those busy nights (doesn’t that feel like most nights?).

I love a big salad. We try to have one with most of our dinners when I am on top of things. This is nice because everyone in the family can choose the toppings they want on the salad, and that makes everyone happy.

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5 Responses to BBQ Chicken Slow Cooker Cob Salad

  1. Christina says:

    I love salads and I LOVE anything that can be made with a slowcooker!

  2. Ellen says:

    Just FYI….in the first step it says “Oil the inside of your crockpot with.” I assume you’d recommend something like olive oil or grape seed oil… But just wanted you to know the specific oil was missing.

    Thanks. This sounds like an easy, delicious recipe!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m curious about what kind/brand of BBQ sauce you use?

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