Chocolate Chip Toasted Coconut Cookies (grain free)

Chocolate Chip Toasted Coconut Cookies

 This past weekend I had the privilege of participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  Hosted by Love and Olive Oil, a really fun blog.  To participate in the swap you bake three dozen cookies, and send them to 3 different bloggers.  In the mail you get 3 dozen cookies from other bloggers!!   There was a whole lot of cookie love going on last week.  I got some fabulous cookies from Fab Grandma, Health love and chocolate, and Creative Cooking Gluten Free.

For my cookies I sent chocolate chip cookies made with toasted coconut and almond flour.   I loved these cookies.  Don’t leave out the shredded coconut in this recipe, it helps them from spreading too thin.  Plus toasted coconut tastes amazing!  I like these cookies thin and a little bit crispy.  If you want a thicker cookie, add a few more tablespoons almond flour.

These cookies are super simple, and easy to put together.  This makes quite a bit of cookies so you can freeze some for a quick cookie fix another day.

Freezing instructions:

To freeze them,  form the cookie dough  into balls put them on a cookie tray and freeze until hard.  Once they are frozen hard put them in a Ziploc bag.  When you are ready to eat them, pull as many cookie dough balls as you want out to eat, and put them on a cookie tray.  Bake the frozen cookies at 325 for a few minutes longer than the recipe states.

Note: Don’t be alarmed when you take these cookies out of the oven. They look kind of puffy.  Don’t worry they will flatten when they cool.

Chocolate Chip Toasted Coconut Cookies

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4 Responses to Chocolate Chip Toasted Coconut Cookies (grain free)

  1. Sharon Hood says:

    Yum! I make choc chip coconut cookie dough balls, too. But I don’t use a banana in mine. I bet that brings out the coconutty flavor. Yum!

  2. Lori says:

    Just made these and love them. I have just joined your email and am so excited to learn more.

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