Creamy Sweet Potato and Leek Soup

This soup is my healthy makeover of the traditional potato leek soup. Potato leek soup usually consists of bacon, cream, and lots of starchy potatoes. Not that potatoes are necessarily bad for you, but they are primarily starch which converts into sugar in the body. To up the nutritional profile, I subbed out half of the potatoes with cauliflower which is lower in carbohydrates, packed with nutrients, and has a sixth of the calories of potatoes. Cauliflower is high in Vitamin K,folic acid, Vitamin C, and manganese.
I also added sweet potatoes to the mix. Sweet potatoes are a true super food. In one study they found sweet potatoes to actually help reduce wrinkles in a study group of woman. Sweet potatoes unlike potatoes keep your blood sugar stable, which means they won’t spike your blood sugar and then drop it leaving you craving more food, which makes them excellent for people with diabetes.

Coconut milk, and evaporated milk replace the cream in the soup, giving it that same creamy flavor. Coconut milk is another nutritional powerhouse. It has been proven to actually speed up your metabolism. Unlike most fats coconut oil (which is found in coconut milk as well) is metabolized in the liver like a carbohydrate giving you increased energy and a faster metabolism helping you burn more calories through out the day.

I used evaporated milk because that is what I had on hand, but almond milk would make an excellent substitution to make it completely vegan.

What I am getting at is this soup is loaded with super foods to help you reach those new years resolutions and fight off the colds that plague this season. This soup serves 6-8 people. It makes quite a bit so you can half it if there is just two or one of you. I like to make big batches of soup because they heat up well giving you dinner for other nights.

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9 Responses to Creamy Sweet Potato and Leek Soup

  1. Jenn says:

    I made this soup for my family last week and they all loved it! I also made the snowball cookies over the holidays and they were great as well. Thanks so much for sharing. Please keep the fabulous recipes coming!

  2. Roberta says:

    What could I subsitute for the cream of corn soup? I don’t eat corn and I don’t really want to use a canned soup. Hmm, any ideas? Otherwise it sounds amazing.

    • desiree says:

      Sorry there is a typo, it is actually cream of corn. You can cream your own corn by grating corn on the cob over a boxed grater. The recipe calls for 1 11/2 cups of creamed corn. If you don’t want to add corn at all, I think the soup would be just fine without it. Try it and let me know how it turns out.

  3. Shiree says:

    I have never seen cream of corn soup. Where can it be purchased? I would generally think that any “cream of anything” canned soup would have hydrogenated oils in it, but I am sure yours doesn’t! Otherwise you wouldn’t use it. So, where do I get the soup? I’d love to try this recipe.

    • desiree says:

      Sorry there is a typo it is actually cream of corn. To make your own cream of corn, just grate corn on the cob over a boxed grater. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 C of creamed corn. Or you can use canned cream of corn look for one without a lot of additives. I bet you could even use just straight frozen corn and blend it right in, because corn is out of season right now. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  4. Sarah says:

    Delicious! You’ve got to love a creamy soup that doesn’t leave you with a gut ache! I loved the cauliflower and sweet potato idea. Thanks for sharing Desiree and keep those fabulous recipes coming!

  5. Daly says:

    I made this last night and my husband and I love it!! We left the cream of corn out of the puree so the soup can stay chunky. Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe.

    • desiree says:

      Hi Daly,
      Thanks for stopping by. That is a good idea to leave out the creamed corn I will have to try that. I too love a chunky soup.

  6. Helen says:

    Loved coconut milk, normally used in curries, in leek and potato soup. Tinned corn also used though not creamed.

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