Day 3 Reboot Cleanse

Today I went for a 5 mile run.  I ran yesterday 3 miles and felt sluggish.  Today on the other hand I felt SO good.  This morning I had tons of energy, I felt light, and it didn’t feel like much effort to run.  That was a huge pick me up.  I came home from running and started the juice factory back up again.  We juiced a big batch of  orange/spinach/lemon/carrots for breakfast and mid morning snack and carrot/beet/lemon juice for lunch and dinner.   I mustered up some courage and had a show down with the beets.  I juiced those little red beauties and came off conquerer.

Day 3 Reboot Cleanse

I liked the beet juice fresh, in fact I was thrilled that I could drink beet juice because it is so good for purifying the blood.   After I let it sit in the fridge for a while I wasn’t such a fan.   When I went to eat it for lunch the dirt taste was overwhelming. I contemplated just going to bed hungry and not drinking it for dinner, but I got up some courage and downed a huge glass of it.  I drank as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to taste it.   My body is surging with vitamin, mineral goodness…. it was worth it.  I feel proud of  myself that I didn’t throw in the towel with the beet juice.  However, I will only make a small batch of it  for the morning so that it  is fresh.

I went to the grocery store to stalk up on more produce.  It was comical just picture me with a cart so full I could barely push it and two kids trying to fit in it.  I bought 50 pound of oranges, 25 pounds of carrots, 27 green apples, 12 lemons, 21 celery stalks, 20 red apples, 4 pineapples, a loaf of bread (for the kids), and 4 bunches of spinach for 70.00!!  Buy Low grocery store can’t be beat for low prices, but you definitely need to use this veggie wash on the produce.  If I had a farmers market that was open right now I would go there.

All in all I feel really good.  I have noticed when I have enough juice in me I feel really good.  When I haven’t drunk enough juice, I feel low in energy and just want to go to bed.   Note to self: drink enough juice.

Tomorrow is day 4 and I am almost half way there!!!

Scottie’s brothers have all lost more than 6-7 pounds during this cleanse.    I have no idea what I have or haven’t lost.  We don’t own a scale.  That is not my main reason for doing this.  My main reason for doing this is to support Scottie’s dad and to give my body a break and clean it out.   I have noticed my pants fit better though.   Scotty probably has lost weight too, but he didn’t weigh himself before the cleanse and like me has no idea.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but Scottie’s dad is doing the cleanse.  He was on the fence about it but he decided to do it.  He has been a rock star and drinks his juice concoctions without complaint.   O.k. almost without complaint.  Nancy made him one that had floatie kale bits in it and he decided to go hungry instead of drinking the juice.  I don’t blame him I think it was straight kale juice with an apple added to it.


Let me know how your cleanse is going, and if you have found a winning juice combo?

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