Definition of Healthy part 2

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I summarized what I thought the definition of healthy eating was here Part 1.

Healthy defined -part 2.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.-Micheal Pollan

Eat food.

Isn’t that refreshing? Just eat food. Whole unprocessed, good food.

I’m not vegetarian, paleo, low-fat, low-carb, or vegan, I’m Desi.  I just want to eat good food.  I focus my energy on getting plenty of whole, unprocessed, food in my diet and don’t worry about the don’ts as much.  The don’ts naturally take care of themselves-there isn’t much room for them after your diet is so packed with goodness.

Here is a little secret to stay motivated and on track.  Eat 80/20.

The rule: 80% of what you eat will make up your health, the other 20% won’t break it. ENJOY your food!!! Go out with friends, eat a piece of cake at a birthday party, bake cookies with your kids, and make sure that 80% of the time your diet is packed with awesome things. Please don’t stress out or think things need to be perfect to be healthy -that can be unhealthy too! :).  If your 20% starts taking over your 80% don’t give up.  Just make small goals to get back on track.

The beauty of eating  the 80% clean is that when you start putting good, nourishing foods into your body it ignites a chain reaction:

  • You naturally start craving better-for-you foods.
  • Your choices become better.
  • You actually start wanting to drink a green smoothie (as weird as that sounds, it’s true.) Just like you start craving a run, because of the way it makes you feel.
  • Skye drinking

Not Too Much

This gets me every time :).  Knowing you should eat smaller portions and doing it are two very different things ha, ha.  If something tastes good I just want to keep eating it. But it’s hard on the body to have so much excess to take care of.  One trick to eating less is to use a smaller plate, because you can’t fill it as full.
I do have to say one cool thing that nobody tells you about switching to eating a whole foods diet is that you get full a lot faster. Whole, fresh, food is a lot more nourishing than food that is processed, as a result you get full faster.

 Part 3 of My definition of healthy will cover the last phrase in the statement Mostly Plants


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