DIY Super Hero Capes

Today is not a food post, but  a great idea for a little boy’s birthday party.   The super hero capes only cost me a little over a dollar to make and the boys LOVED them.  I bought all  of the t-shirts at the dollar store.  The adult medium size seemed to fit perfectly, if you get them too big the capes drape down pretty far.   The best part about this little project  is that they don’t require ANY sewing.  I couldn’t sew a straight line if my life depended on it, so if you are anything like me this is the most Martha I get!

 DIY Super Hero Capes

All you need are scissors, an adult t-shirt, super glue, and felt.


It helps if you have sharp scissors. I didn’t….

I  got felt at the dollar store as well and cut out each persons first letter of their name and a lightning bolt because it felt more super heroish-is that a word?

There you go. The easiest DIY super hero capes! So simple and the best party favor ever!  Just look how happy these kids are!!!  Now I just have to post home made hostess cupcakes we had!!


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