Don’t be BORED this summer!

Summertime is in full swing! School’s out, kids are home, and if your kids are anything like mine, the word BORED is used much too often! So a few summers ago we created a poster with the word BORED spelled down the side and each letter gave an idea of something to do


Just Google “Bored stands for” and you’ll see all sorts of fun poster ideas you could make with YOUR family!

I’m going to share a few of the things that we have found to work for OUR family, and NOT hearing the word BORED as often all summer long.

B -Be Creative

In our home, we love to look up how to draws, fold origami, make rainbow loom stuff, or experiment in the kitchen, and not always with just food! With the internet you can make just about anything you want to. This is our favorite homemade play dough recipe.  You can do SO much with play dough. Half the fun is mixing it up with them and their little hands. Plus with this recipe it smells so good. Check it out!

O -Outdoor Play

So, this is ideal and we all know what to do outside (ride bikes, water activities including splash pads and pools, chalk and bubbles, Nerf Gun wars, etc.) The list is almost endless with all that one can do outside. Check out things run by the city too! We had tennis lessons all summer long last year for FREE!  And the summer before that Free skateboarding lessons at the city skate park. BUT sometimes the fun summer weather that we dreamed of just doesn’t cooperate and you are left to figure out some indoor fun!  That’s ok too. That’s when BOARD (spelled differently, but sounds the same) games come out: Just Dance Kids, or Rocksmith on the Wii/XBox, and good old fashioned card games.

R -Read

There can never be too much reading! My youngers LOVE to be read to, and I love it when my olders find a book they are really into and can read the afternoon away! (Anything Rick Riordan has probably been read at least once by my oldest. :)) And if you don’t know about Usborne Books they are FANTASTIC for the younger kids! It’s amazed me even at just 2 years old how many books my little girl can “read” (Memorized through repetition….we read a lot in this family!)

IMG_1140.jpg  IMG_4486.jpg  IMG_6743.jpg

E -Exercise

Exercise has been something that has been a part of my whole life. From the time I was very young I did gymnastics and stuck with it, competing for 10 years! Yes those are pics of me. At my first Utah Summer Games, in middle school, then again in High school. If you want a FANTASTIC video for your kids to learn gymnastics in your own home check this one out. She’s one of my bestest friends and Southern Utah’s Gymnastics Coach!  (*I’ll put more info about her video at the end of this post.) My older boys aren’t into gym, but do love other sports. So they get outside and practice juggling a soccer ball, shooting hoops with a basketball, throw a football back and forth or hit baseballs too! (Yes, we love sports) Biking, playing kick-the-can and Zombie Tag with friends is great exercise as well!

D -Do something helpful

This is where the kids DON’T just get a “free ride” all summer just because they are home! They have little chores they know they are in charge of each day, but if they come to me and say they are BORED, they know that I will help them find something to do to be helpful! It’s my little way of saying keep busy, be creative and don’t come to me saying that “B” word. They can come and ask for help with coming up with something, or invite me to play with them, which I love. But they know that word will get them put to work!

This is by no means the perfect solution and we DO still hear the word “bored” more than I would like, but I think it has helped to keeping the kids mostly busy, feeling independent, and accomplished at the end of the day.  And before you know it, school will be starting again, and summer will be gone! So get out there having FUN, and don’t be bored!


*Tiny Tumblers “Fantastic Gymnastics” video is an instructional resource dedicated to teaching boys and girls fundamental strength exercises and gymnastic skills in the comfort and convenience of their home! It is designed to help children enjoy exercising, while learning gymnastic body positions, correct technique, and the terminology used in traditional gymnastics classes.

With creeping obesity and Type II diabetes becoming ever more prevalent in our younger generation, this video was created to help children develop a passion for exercise and learn body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility. Principles found in this video can be applied to acrobatic skills seen in gymnastics, dance, cheer, parkour and taekwondo.

I love gymnastics and have been involved in it most my life. As the creator, coach, and song writer of this video, my intent was to target families that believe in the benefits of health and overall wellness at a young age, without the need of spending much money! Unfortunately there are not many opportunities for boys to engage in gymnastics locally, so I felt this video would benefit my son (who at the time of it’s inception was 1). Based on Youtube reviews, this video has really benefited children ages 2-6 years olds, with some-to-little knowledge of gymnastics. This “Tiny Tumblers Fantastic Gymnastics Video” is sold on Amazon or can be found on the Facebook website at “Tiny Tumblers Video.”

Amazon Site

Facebook Site

I hope you too will enjoy this animated video with your child!




My name is Mel. Our family lives in Houston, TX. I keep busy with 3 crazy boys and 1 tiny girl. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, and over the last 9 years have had to hone in on a more healthy lifestyle of eating. What at first seemed difficult, or even frustrating has become so rewarding! When my husband had to unexpectedly have open heart surgery a few summers ago, I felt blessed that with all that was going on, our diet wasn’t something we’d need to adjust or change. We already ate the way the Dr’s were recommending to all their patients. For this, I was grateful!

I’m excited to have this opportunity to help others looking for simple, yummy, and healthy recipes.

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