Easy Homemade Fudge (Vegan, Raw)

Easy Homemade Fudge

What if I were to tell you that this fudge recipe is not only delicious, takes five minutes, and will help you loose weight(warning this does not apply if you eat the whole pan, ha ha).  The base of this recipe is coconut oil which has been proven to speed up your metabolism, because it is metabolized in the liver like a carbohydrate.  Bonus you can have holiday fudge and feel good about it too.

I made this fudge for a relative that was visiting for Thanksgiving and he had to have some to take home with him.  He is not into “raw” and “vegan” cooking he just loved the fudge because it tastes so darn good.  He now wants to add coconut oil to his pantry, I know how he feels.  The first time I tried coconut oil I had to have it.  Note, not all coconut oils have the same flavor my very favorite is Mountain Rose Herbs, and it is the best price I have found too.

Update: for a pop in flavor add 1 tsp. vanilla and a generous pinch of sea salt

This batch is pretty small, double or triple it to fill an 8×8 pan.

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9 Responses to Easy Homemade Fudge (Vegan, Raw)

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Desiree! I can’t wait to try this. My husband is a choco-holic, and I would love to be able to give him a healthier option!

  2. Arlee says:

    I just made these and totally forgot to put parchment paper! Ughhh… Will it be hard to take out?

    • desiree says:

      Hi Arlee,
      Did you use a flexible pan? I always use the pans that bend and are rubber that way I can pop it out pretty easy. It has enough coconut oil in it you should be fine in a normal pan without parchment, it should come right out when it is frozen hard enough. Don’t worry it still tastes good eaten by the spoon full it all else fails!

  3. Michal says:

    I made this recipe tonight and it is soooooo delicious! Unbelievable how yummy they are! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

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  5. Chanel says:

    I use this in cakes when it calls for the store bought chocolate pudding mix. Win win!

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