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As moms, we have roughly 1,287 things to do every day. Okay maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels like that most days. Bottom line: you are busy, and trying to squeeze a workout in can be a challenge. Reality is that with all the things on your ‘to do’ list, exercising usually just feels like one more thing to check off. But think about it, why are you even working out in the first place? Surely it’s not to add one more thing to your list. I’m guessing it’s because you want to stay in shape, be healthier, or even relieve stress. In that case, let’s talk about ways to easily INCORPORATE exercise into your busy life, not ADD to it.

  • Early bird gets the worm. I get it, some people hate to wake up early. Personally, this is when I workout. I like to get up before my kids and husband, and start exercising before my brain wakes up. The upside? My workout is done before I know it and my day can get started when my family’s day does. Also morning exercises are usually very dedicated and don’t chit chat at the gym. Get in, get it done, get on with your day.
  • Do what works. Don’t have a gym membership? No worries. There are so many great workout videos and resources you can do right in the comfort of your own living room. Some of my favorites are YouTube, Pinterest circuits, and TurboFire videos. Also having some equipment helps. Exercise balls, leg weights, resistance bands, and a yoga mat can come in super handy for at home workouts.
  • Get on a schedule. Science shows that being consistent with the time of day you choose to exercise can help make it into a habit. Do you like to exercise after kids have left for school, during your toddler’s nap, or at night when everyone is headed to bed? There is no ‘better time’ or ‘right way’. Pick the time that works best for you and that you can be consistent with.
  • Grab a buddy. Some things are always easier with a friend, right? Well working out is one of those! It’s super easy to talk yourself out of a good sweat sesh, but if you have a buddy that workout will most likely happen. You can exchange and share ideas and help keep each other accountable. Not to mention time flies when you are having fun!
  • Stay active. I get it, some days workouts just don’t happen. And that’s ok. Babies are fussy, kids get sick, and basements flood. My best piece of advice is to stay as active as you can. Get a pedometer and start tracking your steps. Walk instead of driving, use stairs instead of elevators, and actually play on the playground with your kids. All of these things add up! Exercise is similar to other aspects in life where you get credit for trying. And if you become discouraged from lack of time, remember this is a season of life, it will change all too soon.




My name is Lisa but some people call me Veggie Lisa. I am a mom of four kids who loves to dance, cook, exercise, shop, decorate, and enjoy all the beautiful things the state of Utah has to offer. I have had a very long journey to get to the place that I am now, strong and confident but most of all happy. At one point in my life I weighed 200 pounds. It took 11 long years and 4 babies later to finally learn how to nourish my body properly and be comfortable in my own skin. Being a life long vegetarian, I have a passion for vegetables and love teaching my kids how delicious they can be. Most people find veggies very, very, very boring. And gross. But not me! I love all things green and the more colorful my plate is, the happier I am. Vegetables don’t have to be boring! My motto is eat good, feel good, look good. When we eat good food and treat our bodies with respect, the rest falls into place.

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