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I used to work at a treatment center for teenage girls.  My job was to take them hiking, skiing, snowboarding,  and rock climbing.  I loved spending time with them and seeing them grow.  The girls lived at the home for 9 months to year or more while they were receiving treatment.  It always broke my heart for the whole family and for the girls that they had to go through that painful changing process, and to live out the consequences of the choices they had made.  It was interesting to hear the girls talk about how they had started down that path.  It usually started out with small choices.

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Working with those girls has made me anxious for my future teenagers.  Because of that experience I have never wished for the next stage to come.  I like them little, home with me,   tucking them in at night where I know they will be safe.  I know the choices that they make right now aren’t as weighty as the ones they could make when they are older.

Scotty and Isaiah

Working with those girls  has also made me reflect on what I could do parenting wise to help my kids make good choices.  I know that there are a ton of different factors such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and friends that  parents have little control over.  But for what I can do on my end to help prepare them for the future I am interested in learning.  Not just for the future but also to enjoy parenting RIGHT NOW while they are little.  To have tools to know how to handle tantrums, back talking, bed time, and when they fight with each other.

Amy McCready

I asked Amy McCready last spring to speak at The Mom Conference, because I really liked her approach to parenting.  I feel like she gets it, because she is a mom herself.  After interviewing her at The Mom Conference I wanted to learn even more.  Since the conference I  have read her book, and taken her course.  Everything she teaches is solid.  The thing I like the most about her method is that she focuses on getting to the ROOT of why kids whine, tantrum, or are defiant instead of just addressing the behavior.

One of my favorite things that she teaches is spending one on one time with each kid every day.  We call it special time.  The kids look forward to it and remind me if we haven’t done it.  I love it too.  It has made me slow down and make time every day to  get on the floor and play legos, ride bikes, make necklaces, play with play dough, paint nails,  have water balloon fights, play frisbee, shoot targets with a sling shot, play dress up, and a bunch of other activities.   Both Scotty and I do it.  So they are getting time with Dad too.  Doing this everyday has made a big difference in our home.  I am still working on all the tools that Amy teaches, and am far from perfect.  But I feel more connected to my kids, and there are less fires to put out.  I know I won’t regret this time spent learning and working on being a better mom in the future, but I will regret filling up my time with things that won’t hold weight later on.

Tired of Tantrums

Because I love her course and what she teaches so much I decided to team up with her and do an hour webinar.  The webinar is FREE.  It is August 20th 2014 at 1:00 and 9:00 EST.   I promise it is WORTH your time.  Even if you don’t intend to do her course you will learn something in the hour that you can do right now to bring more peace in your home.


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