Fresh Apple Crisp (raw)

Raw Fresh Apple Crisp
photo from Whole Foods

This apple crisp is so fresh and packed full of nutrients because it isn’t cooked like traditional apple crisps are. My favorite part about it is the golden raisins in the crumble topping, they give it just a bite of sweetness. I prefer it with the apples in the bottom tossed in a little bit of lime juice, so that they don’t brown, and the crumble topping on top. I also like the topping with the rolled oats (gluten-free is you are gluten intolerant), though not entirely raw, I think the tastiest. I also don’t dehydrate it, is so good fresh and crisp. Another tip choose a good apple; pink lady, granny smith, golden delicious are all good. This recipe comes from Raw Melissa, she has a lot of great raw dessert recipes.

Quick nutrition fact: apples are known to surpress appetite because of the pectin in them, so maybe you won’t want to eat the whole pan like my scotcharoos

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