Fresh Tomato and Broiled Feta Salad

Fresh Tomato and Broiled Feta Salad

Fresh Tomato and Broiled Feta Salad

This will be a quick post. We just got back from a much needed vacation to St. George. It was so nice to bask in the sun, play at the pool, and bike up the canyon. Isaiah was in heaven at the sand dunes, picture a HUGE sandbox, any toddlers dream.

We found the most amazing fresh fruit and veggies market in Santa Clara. I tasted a Israeli melon that was to die for there, and they helped me pick out the best watermelon I have had all summer. The man told me to listen for a high pitched thump and look for bee stings and that is the ticket to the sweetest melons.

We ate so much fresh yummy food while we were there; sweet potato enchiladas, corn, Cafe Rio salads-home made, and peaches with almond milk and honey, and our new favorite salad. I say our new favorite salad because that changes often enough to what is fresh and in season. I just realized I haven’t posted my favorite blueberry, pear, and candied walnut salad, or the best dill dressing in the world, or the fresh corn and currant salad. There is a lot of recipes I need to post, I just can’t sit myself down to do it. I would love if I could just have you over and make you our favorite recipes instead, maybe a video would be the next best thing. But I digress back to the yummiest salad. It only has two ingredients.

So easy and so good.

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  1. Annie says:

    I NEED the recipe for sweet potato enchiladas. We love mexican food but need healthier versions that still taste AMAZING!

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