Homemade Vanilla

This amazing idea comes from Jordan!  I had never though to make my own homemade vanilla until now.  I wish I had thought ahead to make some for all of my upcoming holiday baking!  This would make such a great hostess gift any time of year.  I’m definitely going to start a batch to use in all of my Valentine’s Day baking recipes!

If there was a list of my top five staples in my kitchen, homemade vanilla would be in there. It literally takes your baking to a whole new level!  I purchased pure vanilla from the store in the past.  Is it good, yes… but I am telling you, homemade vanilla is amazing! You can literally taste the difference.  And the best part about making your own homemade vanilla is that it is ridiculously easy!  The hardest part is waiting while the extraction process happens for 12 weeks.  But remember, good things come to those who wait!  And that is why I recommend getting started on it right away!


So, you want to make some Homemade Vanilla and taste the yummy goodness?! Here is what you need:


-1 – 750ml bottle of Vodka, rum, or any liquor 80+ proof (80 proof = 40% alcohol). I like to use Smirnoff or Absolut Vodka.

-12 vanilla beans- I like Madagascar vanilla beans and I buy them at http://www.olivenation.com or you could get them on amazon.com. *Desi recommends these!

Kitchen tools for Making:

-Cutting board

-Sharp knife

-Funnel for pouring vodka between bottles

Kitchen tools for Harvesting:

-Pouring Bowl


-Bottles for storing the vanilla (I suggest glass bottles)

Let’s make this! Method:

-Using the funnel, remove approximately 1/2 cup of vodka from your bottle to make room for the vanilla beans.

-Using your cutting board and knife, slice each vanilla bean lengthwise along one entire side of the bean. Place the beans in the vodka bottle, replace the lid, and shake. Store the vanilla for 12 weeks in a cool, dark place.


-Shake the vanilla once or twice a week to agitate the beans and speed the extraction process.

When the 12 weeks have passed, you will have a beautiful dark brown color.  Use a cheesecloth over a pouring bowl to filter the sediment and vanilla beans out.  Then pour that goodness into a bottle and get to baking!



Jordon is the wife to Sam and mom to Bryce and Wyatt. Being a wife and mom is what she loves most in this world! Some of her other loves are shabby chic decor, healthy recipe hoarding, shopping and being a chocolate addict. She also has a passion for DIY projects and making the best natural chap stick around. She wants to inspire people to find a balance of the modern amenities of life while embracing the simple things! Homemade and DIY can go with iPhones and Starbucks. Join her at The Prairie Princess.

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi! I actually have some homemade vanilla brewing right now! However, the recipe I used called for A LOT more vanilla beans & said it would be ready in 6 weeks. Because I’m new to this process, do you think adding more beans will make it ready sooner? Is there a way to tell when it’s ready or what recipe would be best to try it in to know if it’s ready?
    Thanks! 🙂

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