How to Create a New Year’s Mantra


Now that the Christmas rush is behind us, have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? For most people, that includes a new resolve to be better to their bodies. But how?

A few years back, instead of setting traditional resolutions, I gave myself a mantra. This experiment worked so well that I have decided to do it again this year. Have you ever considered using a mantra instead of resolutions?

Here is my mantra for 2017:

Eat, Move, Sleep, Love.

Eat – There is a huge difference between just filling your belly with anything so it will quit rumbling at you, and really eating and enjoying the experience. I’m planning to eat well this year and to really enjoy the food that I’m eating. It’s going to be high quality, unprocessed, and it is going to nourish my body and soul.

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Move – I am going to move my body every day. Life gets crazy, and as hard as I try to get a full workout in daily, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Even on busy days, I am going to make sure I get some sort of movement. It might be just a walk or some stretching, but it will be every single day. Bodies are meant to move!

Sleep – Sleep is so hugely important for both physical and mental health. I am going to focus on getting to bed earlier, cutting electronics and screens at bedtime (this will be so hard for me!), and I’m going to add more relaxing times to my bedtime routine to encourage better sleep. I feel so much better when I get good sleep.

Love – Of course, health is about what you put in your body and making sure you exercise, but it is also so much more! The relationships we have, our careers, our spirituality, and so many other things play a part in our health and wellness. I am planning this year to cultivate an attitude of love; with my family, with my friends and those around me, with my career, with my home, and on and on. I want more love in every aspect of my life, and I’m going to go get it!

What are your goals for the new year? Do you make regular resolutions, or do you prefer a mantra like mine? What will your mantra be?

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Emily Allen is a former obese girl turned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She lost 70 pounds by cutting processed food, an experience she documented on her site, Emily now teaches families how to cut processed foods and live their healthiest lives. She teaches cooking classes, does public speaking about healthy living, and has even appeared on local news programs featuring her recipes. Emily believes that anyone can live a healthier life, no matter their schedule or budget. You can find her on her site, on Instagram, onPinterest, and on Facebook.

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