Before You Set a Goal, You Must First Do This


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I learned something today, a powerful lesson, that goes along with anything that you want to achieve whether it be loosing baby weight, cleaning up your diet, or in my case it had to do with running.

So this morning I went for a run.  Not just any run, a 10 mile run with a 5 mile tempo in the middle of it.  I haven’t been in training mode for a loooong time, so I haven’t done a tempo run for awhile.  Tempo runs always kick my butt mentally and physically.  A tempo run is where you run uncomfortably fast for a few miles and wish the whole time it was over.

As I was running I kept thinking of every excuse to stop.  My friends were ahead of me, my legs felt like jello, my miles were getting slower and slower, and I just wanted to stop.  It was draining my energy.

But then a thought came into my head, instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do this, think of all the reasons why you CAN do this.  It kind of hit me.  I started thinking of why I COULD finish the run, and most importantly WHY I was doing it in the first place.

If you want to achieve anything you must first figure out the WHY behind it.  If you want to lose weight, eat better, feed your family less processed food,  you need to figure out exactly WHY it is you are doing it.  Your reasons could be to; have more energy, for your clothes to fit better, so that you can enjoy x or y activity with your kids.  Take the first reason of why that comes to your mind, and then dig deeper, and then dig a little deeper.  Come up with 5 solid reasons why you are doing whatever it is you set your mind out to do, and write them down.

Once you have figured out the why, your mind grabs hold of that and it will start helping you move in that direction.  It looks a little something like this.  Will drinking this diet coke get me closer to what I want to achieve?  Is staying up late, over stressing about something getting me closer to what I want?  Once you act, taking a step in that direction, it will get easier to make the next step, and the next after that.

Keep in mind when you start on a path toward anything worthwhile  you WILL meet resistance.  It is inevitable.  Acknowledge it, I am feeling resistance (sounds super cliche I know, but it works!), and then remember your why and keep keepin on that path that will lead you to what you ultimately want.

One last thing, if you do choose to drink that diet coke, I’ll totally judge you for it—just kidding.  Just make the next choice a good one.  Don’t think your whole day is ruined by it.

This post is kind of random, sorry for the rant, but I thought it might help.

Oh and super exciting news is coming your way, it might have to do with opening back up the Real Foods Made Easy program, it just might.

Share a goal that you have, and your why


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