How To Make Green Smoothies Taste Good

Raise your hand if you are with me in that you have made some pretty awful smoothies in the past?? Ones that taste like weeds, the texture just was off, or some of the ingredients just did not go well together.  If you have been making them long enough chances are you have ran into this. I know I have!

Here are some tips for making THE best tasting smoothies.  So you don’t have to gag them down just because they are good for you.

How to Make Green Smoothies Taste Good

  1. Use Frozen Fruit

    Frozen Fruit
    Smoothies should be icy and cold.  Warm smoothies just don’t taste as good.  Use frozen fruit to give the most concentrated flavor, the next best thing if you don’t have frozen fruit on hand would be to add ice to your smoothie.  The sugar and sweetness that comes from frozen fruit is probably one of the best sweeteners out there.  Plus, buying frozen fruit is very cost effective.

  2. Add a sweetener

    Maple Syrup
    Some great examples are: Dates (soak them first if you don’t have a high powered blender, raisins, raw honey, real maple syrup (not the Aunt Jemimia kind, make sure the ingredients only have one ingredient, 100% pure maple syrup), stevia… Also if you are just starting out and you don’t have any of these types of sweetners, don’t feel bad about using just plain granulated sugar. We were all beginners once!

  3. Liquids

    Coconut Milk
    There are several types of liquids you can use that can add a bit of sweetness that you can’t get from water: 100% juice (unfiltered, unprocessed is the best), almond milk and even coconut milk (watch the ingredients on this one). If you have a high powered blender, adding a bit of citrus peel cuts back on the bitterness of the greens.  If you don’t have a high powered blender lemon or lime juice will work as well. A little goes a long way especially if using the peel!

  4. Use Less Bitter Greens

    Baby Greens

    Some great examples would be spinach (any type) and buying “baby” greens. These are greens that are smaller and not as mature as some of the other types you may be used to seeing in the store. In fact, I was just as Costco the other day and they sell a great product called Taylor Farms Organic Superfood Power Greens. It includes chard, kale and spinach. They are all baby greens, and a 1.5LBS bag cost less than $5! I just put mine straight in the freezer, it works great that way  Plus you are getting three different types of greens and you can’t taste them as much as the more mature greens.

  5. Add a good quality protein powder

    Green Smoothie Girl Protein Powder

    There are so many options out there nowadays, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Some key things that I look for:

    • Is it organic?
    • What is it sweetened with?  Is it sweetened with artificial sweeteners and fillers.  Avoid sucralose and high fructose corn syrup they provide no benefit to your body, and in fact can hurt it. Better options would be stevia
    • Is it a good quality protein source: depending on your dietary requirements, some of the best options are pea protein, hemp protein, and whey protein
    • Is it raw?  This is the best option because all the nutrients are still in tact because it hasn’t been heated
    • Is it full of mystery ingredients? The less ingredients you don’t know, the better

    I like Green Smoothie Girl’s chocolate protein powder.  It is organic, raw, dairy free, soy free, no artificial ingredients or fillers, and it is lightly sweetened with stevia.  Out of all the flavors chocolate is the best, then vanilla.  I am not a fan of the berry.   For kids I like Kidz shake.  It has vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and protein.  All the flavors are awesome and my kids really like it.

  6. Add bananas and avocado for creaminess

    Frozen Bananas

    Bananas are such a great option for green smoothies. I will often buy bananas that are starting to go bad at the grocery (they are usually available at a discount), take them home, take the peel off and freeze them. Bananas make your smoothies almost taste like ice cream they are so creamy.   In fact you can blend up frozen bananas with a pinch of almond milk and it makes a creamy thick soft serve ice cream.  Also, even if you don’t like avocados, I promise you, you will NOT taste them in the smoothie at all. But they add so many nutrients and creaminess so your smoothie.

    Stick with it!

    I was speaking with a friend the other day about how I often drink a green smoothie for breakfast. She mentioned to me how she had tried it, but it was just not satisfying like her regular cold cereal that she eats. And you know what, I grew up eating cereal as well, and I agreed with her! It can be difficult changing your diet and your habits. And sometimes it can be different and maybe even unpleasant (at first). But I promise you, if you keep with it, the results will pay off! One thing I started doing was really paying attention to how I felt after I ate something. When I would eat a bowl of cold cereal, I would feel great while I was eating it! But afterwards, I did not feel that good. And I often felt hungry 1 hr later. But when I drank a green smoothie I felt great afterwards! No heaviness. And I wasn’t starving an hour later.  I found that I stopped craving or wanting cereal because of all the ENERGY that I was getting from smoothies.  I also noticed I made better food choices during the day if I had a green smoothie for breakfast.

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