How to Slow Cook Dried Beans

How to Slow Cook Dried Beans

I normally use my pressure cooker which I love, but I know not everyone has a pressure cooker so a great option is to cook beans in a slow cooker. You can slow cook garbanzo beans, black beans, white beans, etc. any dried beans in a slow cooker. It is really simple and it will save you a lot of money. I usually make a large batch and put about half in my fridge in a Tupperware container and then freeze the other half of the cooked beans in Ziploc baggies. In each baggie I put 3 cups of cooked beans because that is about what is in a can of black beans. When your recipe calls for a can of beans just pull out one of your bags, let them dethaw in the fridge or on the counter, just put them on a plate while they dethaw. Or you can add them frozen to soups they will dethaw in your soup. Simple.

With my latest batch of garbanzo beans I made a pineaepple curry, channa masala (Indian), I put them in quesadillas, and I made a big batch of lemon hummus. I have some leftover so I plan on roasting them for a good easy snack that is high in protein.

Dried beans are so cheap and easy to make, save your money instead of buying canned beans, go buy yourself a cute pair of boots. Note: I still do have canned beans on hand for when I am in a pinch and out of dried beans.

How to slow cook dried beans:

1. Soak the beans overnight, this will cut your cooking time in half.
2. Drain and rinse the beans.
3. Put the beans in your slow cooker and cover generously with water. Turn the slow cooker on high.
4. Cook the beans until they are done, the amount of time varies depending on the type of bean you are cooking and how old they are.
5. Salt and season the beans to taste after they are cooked.

Note if you have a pressure cooker you can follow these instructions, using a pressure cooker cuts your cooking time to about ten minutes. I love my pressure cooker, but a slow cooker is a good option as well if you plan in advance.

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