I Made It a Month Without Grocery Shopping!!

A Month Without Grocery Shopping

I finished my month challenge without grocery shopping, my reward was a 12 C Cuisine Art Food Processor. It has been a dream. I have made muesli with it, shredding all of the apples, chopping the walnuts, and dates. I have made quarts and quarts of salsa in a fourth of the time it would have taken me to chop everything by hand (where were you two months ago when I was painstakingly chopping jalapenos,onions, and tomatoes by hand), and I have used it for apple crisp; slicing all of the apples and pulsing the crumb topping together.

What I learned from the challenge is that; sometimes our culture tends (me included) to be excessive; we buy too much and let things go to waste. The challenge forced me to use up pantry staples and rely more on whole grains. I was surprised how much I had on hand with a little creativity. I also realized frequently I went grocery shopping, and what food was in season and what food wasn’t. Because I only shopped at U-picks I was limited to what was in season. It gave me an appreciation for what things should actually taste like and to cook according to the seasons. A tomato straight from the vine is not anything like a store bought tomato.

My goals from here on out are to only go to the grocery store once a week. To have a plan in place to use up everything I buy. To make a few meals from my pantry to continue using what we have. To buy from farms and local as much as possible, it just tastes better.

All in all it wasn’t too bad to going a month without grocery shopping, maybe I will go two, or maybe just be more aware of what I am buying? Although I already have been to the grocery store since the challenge is over and bought; pineapple, kids Cliff bars (on close-out from Halloween), Annie’s organic fruit snacks (again on close-out for Halloween), and chicken stock. If all of the u-picks weren’t closed I would keep shopping there instead of the grocery store, the produce had a lot more flavor, was cheaper and fresher. I also loved that my little boy, Isaiah, got more of a connection with where our food comes from. In fact he loved going to the U-pick. The other morning I asked him what he wanted to do, and he replied “go to the farm and pick veggies, mommy”.

Note: Kids and eating is a topic all in itself. Isaiah does have things that are unhealthy for him on occasion. My take on it is that the majority of the time he eats healthy, the few holidays, birthday parties and social events aren’t going to outweigh the day in day out meals that he eats on a regular basis. Isaiah actually has a real sweet tooth. I try not to have anything in the house that I wouldn’t want him to have, it saves me the struggle of having to keep saying no to him and it helps me to not eat it as well. The trick is don’t have anything in your house that you don’t want them eating, it saves a lot of struggle. If I had a lot of cookies and candy around you bet that is what he would ask for.

I would love feedback on what you do to teach your kids to eat healthier? I think all moms face this problem how to get their kids to eat healthier. Any comments would help us all out, thanks!

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  1. Kristi says:

    Well that’s a struggle for most Mom’s I think. I don’t want to completely deprive my kids of the “fun” in a treat but you bet we can’t have anything junky in our house or we all want it. After trick or treating (and to only a few houses because people give my son (Isaiah too) lots of treats), we had a chat. I told him that he could have one a day (if he remembers to ask) and that’s it. Every time he bugs, a candy goes in the garbage. I also donated some to the local police station so we didn’t have as much. He didn’t even notice. But my big problem is finding easy to make, healthy, yet satisfying snacks. Oh and we of course do Green Smoothies…we talked about how they make you big and strong and so he “lifts” us up after he’s had a smoothie to show how strong he is. We talk a lot about what’s good for our bellies and what’s not. Now he asks all the time if something is good for his belly or not. Love that.

    • desiree says:

      Kristi- That is so cute, I can picture little Isaiah lifting you up after drinking a green smoothie. Donating candy is another great idea. Great name by the way. I agree, it is important to explain why we want them to have certain foods. I have found that if I rename some foods a different name he is more excited to eat them. For example I call squash dinosaur bones, and he LOVES it. I also try to give him a dip to go with veggies. If he can dip his veggies he will eat more of them.

      Snacks for kids, I am always looking for new ideas, but some that we have a lot here are;
      1. apples and peanut butter
      2. carrots, broccoli with dressing
      3. tortillas rolled up with peanut butter, honey, and granola
      4. healthy popsicles
      5.lara bars
      6.fruit leather
      7. dried fruit
      8. air popped pop corn with coconut oil, nutritional yeast, and sea salt–this is a family favorite
      9. freeze dried fruit (I get it at Costco)
      10. trail mix ( you can make your own with shredded coconut, any dried fruit, and dried nuts preferably raw)
      11. tortillas chips and salsa (tortilla chips are easy to make as well just toss cut up tortillas with olive oil and a little sea salt, then broil them in the oven on low till crispy)
      12. celery with peanut butter and raisins on top to make little ants on a log
      13. green smoothies frozen into popsicles
      14. peanut butter no bake cookies

      Those are what I can think of off the top of my head. I would love more ideas….maybe a healthy snacks for kids would be a good post

  2. Vennesa says:

    Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) has a cute book called “The Adventures of Junk Food Dude”. All 5 of my kids like that book and it’s a great teaching tool. Another idea I’ve used comes from my kids preschool teacher. She teaches them all about “Healthy Food” and “Sometimes Food”. Here’s a link to a post about it.
    I’m looking forward to reading what other mom’s are doing to teach healthy eating.

    • desiree says:

      Vanessa, what a great blog. I have most of Robyn’s books from working with her, but I don’t have that one. I will have to pick it up. I like the idea of sometimes food and food that we should try to get in our bodies everyday. I try to expose Isaiah to lots of different foods, and I am surprised what he likes. He loves hummus, curries, and even spicy foods. I think sometimes we limit kids with what we think they might or might not like. I learned this lesson once when I was eating a salad, he asked me if he could have some lettuce. I happily gave him some and realized I should have given him some from the get go. I had only given him what I put on my salad with a little healthy dressing and not the lettuce. We are our children’s best role models, if we are eating those foods we want them to eat they will be more likely to try them. I also think that not forcing them to eat certain things goes a long way. One time when Isaiah was sick I was trying to get him to drink his green smoothie. The more I pushed the more he didn’t want it. So I stopped asking or saying anything. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and made myself a green smoothie. When I was drinking my smoothie he asked me if he could have some of mine. I poured him some and he drank the whole thing. He usually asks me for it now when I make one, or I will ask him if he wants one, if he says no, I don’t force him, and almost always he wants one. If not I freeze it in a popsicle and he enjoys that too. One thing I like to do to get more veggies in Isaiah’s diet is soups, that is a great way to kids to eat a lot of different veggies.

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