Kale and Pesto Power Bowl

Kale and Pesto

1 sweet potato peeled, sliced and roasted

1 head broccoli cut into florets and roasted

1 cup of lentils (cook according to package directions)*

3 cups kale (I like to use rainbow kale)

Basil Pesto, prepared

  1. Place kale in bowl
  2. Arrange lentils, broccoli and sweet potato
  3. Drizzle desired amount of pesto on top and toss to coat, makes 3 bowls

*Note: If you can soak the lentils overnight it will help reduce the gas associated with lentils. If you are in a time crunch, boil lentils for 3 minutes, then drain, soak for 10 minutes and then cook according to package directions.


My name is Lisa but some people call me Veggie Lisa. I am a mom of four kids who loves to dance, cook, exercise, shop, decorate, and enjoy all the beautiful things the state of Utah has to offer. I have had a very long journey to get to the place that I am now, strong and confident but most of all happy. At one point in my life I weighed 200 pounds. It took 11 long years and 4 babies later to finally learn how to nourish my body properly and be comfortable in my own skin. Being a life long vegetarian, I have a passion for vegetables

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