Love Bombing – THE Best Valentine’s Day Tradition

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I have found that time slips by.  If we aren’t deliberate with it, we miss out.  I have tried to start traditions that are simple, but meaningful around the holidays.  I thought I would share this one with you because it is so much fun and the kids LOVED it.


I got this idea from April, here.  She is FULL of great ideas.

First, I brainstormed ways we could serve other people, and have fun as a family.  I came up with Love Bombing.

Then, I created a treasure map.  This can be done really simply by getting a grocery bag, cutting it open, cutting the hearts out of pink construction paper and adding the clues to the back of them. This whole process takes under 5 minutes to do.  I find if I don’t keep things simple I am not likely to repeat them the next year, or I am so stressed out trying to make the tradition happen that I miss spending quality time with my kids.  Honestly, the kids don’t even notice the details, they just want more time with you.

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The clues on the back were:

  1. To find rocks in the back yard. We then washed them and made glitter rocks out of them.

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2. The next clue was to make Valentine cards.  We did this really simply.  The kids spent no more then 15 minutes on the cards.

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3. The third clue was to get in the car for an adventure.  We took the rocks and cards we made and dropped them off, then ran away before the people could see us. The kids came up with the name “love bombing”.

Everyone had a special job to do when we love bombed.  We had a wing man that looked out for anyone coming, the runner that drops off the present, and the get away driver. This year, my daughter, Skye, said that her baby brother, Cooper, could be the wing man because he is good at spotting birds.  He really is.  He LOVES birds and lights up when he sees them.

We laughed and had SO much fun love bombing people. The rocks and cards were a huge hit. My mother in law still has the little rock set up on her shelf a year later!

4. Then the final clue on the map took us to the hot pots.  It was SO fun to swim in the middle of winter in warm hot pots.  The kids asked if we could love bomb over and over after that day.  It was the perfect way to serve others and have quality time together.

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If you want to love bomb people this Valentine’s Day, follow these steps.


1.  First, decide who you will love bomb.

2.  Next whip up a treasure map.  Include the steps on how to make the “love bomb”, how to deliver the love bombs, then end with a fun place/activity.  Keep this whole process simple. Just get a grocery bag and open it up, and cut out the paper hearts from construction paper.  This shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes.  Don’t skip this step because it makes it a lot more fun to have a treasure map.  It makes what you might ordinarily do like drop off cookies or cards on Valentine’s Day into something really special for the kids.

3.  Next, decide what you want to bomb them with.  This can be SO simple.  The rocks that we made cost no more than a dollar and took 15 minutes  to make. You just clean off the rock, put the glue on, and sprinkle with glitter.  They are messy, so do them outside.  You could make cookies, cards, round up some Valentine candy, or make a little craft to give instead.  Just keep it simple and fun. We did the rocks and a hand made card.

4.  Make Your Plan Happen. Let the kids know you are going on a grand adventure and give them the treasure map.  Make it fun for them!

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?

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6 Responses to Love Bombing – THE Best Valentine’s Day Tradition

  1. Jamee says:

    What a great idea! My little guy is only 17 months old, but I look forward to doing these kinds of things with him.

  2. Heather says:

    We have done this for years on MAY DAY with simple paper or real flowers for family, friends and neighbors. Now that my oldest is a teen, she wanted to take the younger on her own to do the neighborhood, it was SO sweet! They continue to love doing it every year!!It is one of our favorite traditions. I love the idea for Valentine’s ay too!

    • Desi says:

      Hi Heather! What a good idea for May day. Sometimes Valentines gets a bit tricky because there are so many celebrations. How sweet your kids helping each other do it. That is one of the most rewarding thing for me about motherhood is watching siblings love each other.

  3. Denise Renae says:

    This is such a creative idea! We did a simple craft this year for the first time with my children. However, next year, this sounds like something I would pursue doing with my children. I like simplicity like you said. If it involves in too much time and too much stuff to buy… it doesn’t happen in this household. Also, I like to plan ahead. Thanks for sharing this!
    Denise Renae recently posted…God, help me to be a good mother.My Profile

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