Meet Desi

If I can cut out processed foods and eat real food anyone can

I didn’t grow up with a love for cooking. I didn’t always eat real food in fact at one time I lived on spirals mac and cheese, boxed muffin mix, and dinty more beef stew. Here is my story to show you that you can make the switch and get healthy eating real foods.

Everyone has a story here is mine.

I grew up eating whole wheat bread. I went to the neighbors and felt like eating wonder bread was candy, it pretty much is candy. Don’t get me wrong I definitely had my macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it, but overall my mom did a good job of getting a lot of veggies and fruit in my diet. When I went to away to college it was another story. I didn’t know how to cook and didn’t want to learn. I turned to the quickest and most convenient food. I lived on boxed muffin mix, Dinty Moore beef stew, and spirals macaroni and cheese.

During college I went away on a study abroad to Peru. This experience changed my life in a lot of ways. One being when I got back I was really sick. I always had a slow digestive tract since I was a baby. During my stay in Peru I got giardia. This compounded with my already slow digestive track was bad news. I turned to many different doctors in the following years with no answers. I finally found a doctor who addressed my diet, as a cause/cure for all of my health problems. She suggested I do a cleanse. I did it, and it WORKED.  I wasn’t bloated, or backed up TMI I know.  I started seeing the connection between what I was eating and my health.

I then went to work on as a river guide.  I went back to eating whatever I could get on the river. Health wise I still didn’t feel 100%. A lot of my health problems came back since doing the cleanse. I had man burps, stabbing pains in my stomach, and lots of bloating coming and going at random times. I figured out that I had a gluten intolerance. This forced me to learn how to cook. This is where my real love for real food stepped in. It felt overwhelming at first. One by one I started replacing things in my diet with healthier options. A lot of real foods are naturally gluten free anyway. Fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes are all gluten free. I started to feel amazing; all of my health problems went away again, this time for good. I felt empowered knowing that what I ate had a direct connection to my health. My system has been able to heal and I can tolerate a lot of foods now that I couldn’t before. I still stick to real foods and have cut out most processed food from my diet. My family doesn’t have gluten intolerances so they eat gluten, but still an diet of un-processed foods.

Eating more real food has been the new norm for me and my family.

My goal is to help people through this website and my program, have that same transformation in health that I experienced switching over to an un-processed diet.