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I hesitated and wondered…. what should I write for “My favourite things?”

Instantly, “The Sound of Music” where the song “These are a few of my favourite things…” came to mind. Unfortunately kittens and ponies aren’t really my “thing”, but the request has made me reflect on what gets me through the day and uplifts me. While I have not thought about how “things” make me happy, it did make me realise how my favourite things are tools to bring love and joy to myself and others.

 Kitchen Aid Mixer

kitchen aid.jpg

It took me 10 years to fork out the money to purchase one. It cost around AU$750 to obtain this beauty. Even my grandmother said to me: “For goodness sake! I know you like to save money but you have been stroking this piece of machinery every time we visit the shop. JUST BUY IT!” I did… eventually… just 6 weeks before the birth of our son. Boy, I had fun. I made a good fluffy and crisp Pav, macaroons, marshmallows, and cakes. So much celebration and happiness associated with this machine.

Our Wedding Bands


I smile each time I look at it. Each ring tells a story. Our engagement ring was modest but was chosen with love by my hard working hubby. He struggled to find a ring that fits me and one that he could afford. Even the ring maker did not believe my ring finger size. My wedding band has a curve to it. It signifies us bonding strongly together despite curveballs that might be thrown our way. Then we have my half eternity bands which celebrated the birth of our son-who we never thought we could have. Marriage is hard work, and I’m reminded of the vows we made each time I look at it. I love being married and to be walking/running/crawling along side with my husband in life.

 My workout gear

lululemon inspire tights.jpg

I have been with my boxing crew for at least 5 years. It is a boxing fitness class but we are fortunate enough to have instructors who have a keen eye for detail and technique. We don’t just do boxing. A mix of metabolic conditioning and on occasion fun and games to keep us laughing and exercising. Fitness and friendship. Best combination ever. My favourite workout gear is from Lululemon – their tights are AMAZING! I know they are pricey but their quality and fit suits me best. Another of my personal favourite is a local Aussie brand called Abi and Joseph. Again, good fitting tights for the price. I use my active wear daily, and love it especially during plane rides.

 Essential Oils

home essential kit.jpg

This is my project for the year. To learn about essentials oils. At the moment, our little box of oils keeps us uplifted through travelling and through battling colds, bugs, and bruises. I love how lovely it smells. I’m in awe of how the sense of smell ignites so many emotions. Most of all, I like how I can embrace the low toxin lifestyle a little more with the help of making common household items through the use of these oils. Through my research, I’ve decided to have my family use doTERRA oils. We find that their oils are well priced, with an ethical way of sourcing the oils. The regulations are strict in Australia, hence we are glad that it is TGA regulated.

My Iphone


What can I say? It made the world seem smaller. When I’m home sick, I can instantly connect with my family and friends. I scroll through photos of my little boy, husband, and all the memories that we have. I use it to capture precious moments. It also has my bible, which I could easily access. It contains my notes for recipes or ideas to create something for my family.  When I’m travelling or just in need for workout ideas, I reach out for one of the workout apps on it.

Food Processor and Spiralizer

Okay, so these are two items but they are used interchangeably. These things make my life so much easier. I do my food preparation on Saturday when I return from the farmer’s markets. I cut all my vegetables and store them in boxes. My toddler, Asher loves his zucchini, carrot, or cucumber noodles. I love stir frying cauliflower rice or making a moroccan style cauliflower rice salad with lamb kebabs for dinner. Either way, this equipment means I get to do food preparation a lot quicker, and get dinner on the table within 20 minutes. Did I mention the bonus of a toddler eating more vegetables?

Coconut Flour, Almond Meal, and Chia Seeds

These are my favourite pantry staples. With these three things, you can make so much. Pancakes, cakes, bliss balls… and they are so nutrient dense. 

Skip Hop Bags and Lunch Bags

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Hedgehog

This is one of my “mommy must have” items. My skip hop hedgehog bag consists of a change of clothing, Asher’s drink bottle, snacks, wet wipes, and often an item to entertain him. Nothing as fashionable as a hedgehog bag right?

As I reflect back on my write up, I realize it is the memories and love that surrounds these items that makes them my favorite. I hope this makes you think of what inspires, uplifts and brings a smile to you and everyone around you!





Passionate about food and health, I enjoy creating meals and eating them. Originally from Singapore, I have called Australia home for more than 16 years. Combining my love for Asian and Australian cuisine, you can find a good mix of cafe style and home cooked comfort food from me. I gained and lost between 27-30 kgs twice. Once, when I was in my twenties, and the other post pregnancy, I was also diagnosed with PCOS, infertility and IBS. That is why I truly believe in nutrient dense food and moving smartly. My professional background is in clinical psychology. In my down time, you will find me in the kitchen, or with a good book and hot cup of coffee. Life for me is filled with memories that I enjoy creating with my little man and big man in Perth, Western Australia. I write frequently on Words That Nourish | Clean Eating. Healthy Living

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