Naturally Sweet Holiday Recipes E-book with Cook’n — My Gift to You!

Hi Friends!

Christmas is close!  I almost forgot because there hasn’t been a sign of anything Christmas in Sri Lanka.  I just got home today from traveling the world for the last two months with my family.

Although we saw some amazing places, I couldn’t pick a better place to be than home for Christmas … the snow, the lights, and of course hot chocolate.  I LOVE this time of year. I am not going to lie though, I already miss flip flop weather.


Sri Lanka


I would love to talk your ear off about my trip … but I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t tell you about something you are going to love and need ASAP in your kitchen.

I came across this fabulous recipe organizer/meal planner called Cook’n! The Unconventional Kitchen team and I have been playing around with it for the last little bit and we have fallen in LOVE — so in love that I want you all to have it too. Friends share, right?

So I put together a few of my favorite holiday recipes into an e-book called Naturally Sweet Holiday Recipes that includes a mini version of the Cook’n recipe organizer to play around on. Download it today it is absolutely FREE!  This is my gift to you this Christmas.  Download it here!  Mac or for PC.

Free Holiday Ebook

Also, Cook’n has been so kind to offer all Unconventional Kitchen readers a 25% discount if you purchase the full version of Cook’n during the month of December.

Upgrade Cook’n                          Coupon Code  UK25

So What Is Cook’n?

Cook’n is a recipe organizer that takes all your recipes from Pinterest, cookbooks, blogs, family recipes, etc., and then organizes them for you in a neat little formatted cookbook. It also allows you to create menu plans and a nifty little shopping list with a click of the button that syncs with your phone.  Never make two trips to the grocery store again!  It also does a whole lot more which I will explain later.

How Cook’n Works

Now I have to admit, at first glance of Cook’n I was a bit overwhelmed with the program. Mainly because of how powerful it is … it kind of blew my mind!

So to save you some time and to show you just how useful it is, I wrote this post to show you around Cook’n.  I didn’t put everything in here that it does, because that would take forever … I just put a few highlights and links so you can see demos and videos that Cook’n has put together.

Also, Cook’n has put all the details and functions together in a helpful manual.  You can check it out here: Cook’n User Manual for Mac and PC or just email them at They are awesome at answering questions, even dumb ones – don’t worry I asked a few myself. 

Ok, so when you open up Cook’n you will see a pretty powerful tool bar.  These tools will allow you to do some awesome things.  Such as, create your own cookbooks that you can then later print off, adjust recipes that you find by changing ingredients, adjust the serving size of the recipe, or find out the nutritional information.  You can also take a picture with your phone of a printed recipe and upload the recipe into your cookbook.  You can do this and so much more with the full version of Cook’n.


This toolbar is also where you can find Unconventional Kitchen’s Naturally Sweet Holiday Recipes e-book. These are some of my favorite holiday recipes that use whole grains and natural sweeteners. Traditional sweeteners can easily be substituted as well.

In addition to my book you will find loads of recipes that Cook’n has put together for you in its DVO Cookbook.  I personally haven’t gone through all of these recipes but they might be fun to explore and try to substitute with healthier options. This is one thing that is really cool about Cook’n — any recipe you find and want to switch up (like I always do) you can make the changes right there in the recipe and your adaptations have been saved.  No more scribbling on paper and crossing things out … or just hoping you’ll remember!

A couple of helpful tips when navigating around Cook’n

You will see this cute little house that represents home base. Click on the house to get back to the beginning. Kind of helpful when you start navigating around and wonder where you are at.  Also, from here you can search for recipes on the Live Recipe Feed. This is really cool because whenever a recipe is uploaded onto the internet it automatically shows up here.  You can even customize your live feed to follow your favorite blogs so when a new recipe is posted from one of your favorite foodies on the internet you will see it in your live feed.



When you open up the recipes from the Naturally Sweet Holiday Recipes e-book you will see two view options: one with a recipe card and one with a pencil.  The one with the pencil lets you edit the recipe to your liking.  The one with the card gives you the full view you would have if you were to print off the recipe in a book.  See pics below.





This pic is what the recipe card tab looks like all finished and pretty.  I am outlining this for ya because it took me a minute to figure it out. But once I did it was quick.




Now these are really just the basics, but there is so much more that Cook’n can do.  Below I have posted links and videos that will show you how easy it is.


Like I said the version you will download is just a mini version of it. If you want to upgrade to the full version, Cook’n has the Christmas spirit and is offering a 25% discount to all Unconventional Kitchen readers for the month of December.

Below is the link to upgrade. (You can thank me later!)  Don’t forget to put in the coupon code UK25 for the discount.

 Upgrade Cook’n                                       Coupon Code  UK25

What Will Upgrading Give You?

Here is what purchasing the full version will allow you to do:

  • Enter unlimited personal recipes – Create your own book and give it to friends!
  • Sync all your Pinterest recipes … Demo – Now this is amazing literally! You know how we all do this and create boards with all our recipes we love. Well Cook’n will automatically upload your boards into a cookbook. Click, boom, bam, done! Wow!
  • Sync with your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) – I love this. You can create a shopping list or meal plan and look it up when you are at the store on your phone!  Also, the “Cook’n Cloud”, will back up all your recipes and allow them to sync to all your devices. Could it get any better?
  • Scan in recipes – Ever take a picture of a recipe with your phone for later, and then lose it? I have many times. This feature makes it possible to upload those pictures and Cook’n will format them into a recipe card in a book you created. This is so awesome.
  • Get ideas for what to make for dinner – We all need help with this right? Now Cook’n has made it easier with a search engine specifically targeted for recipes with all your favorite blogs and websites. Also, you can type the ingredients you have on-hand, and Cook’n will suggest meals that call for those ingredients.  Another bonus is if you see a recipe in the feed you like you can click on a button and it formats it into your cookbook.
  • Share recipes – FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs … Demo – This is really fun and so convenient.  You can even text a recipe to someone—no more typing them out to send.
  • Capture recipes from your favorite websites – This is so fun and addicting, not to mention easy! It creates a safe place for all your recipes.
  • Print your recipes into a book … Demo

Are You Ready To Get Organized?

The possibilities for this are endless. So many ideas come to mind like Christmas gifts, church cookbooks, baby food recipe cookbooks. Seriously so excited about this!

Well friends that’s it. Can you tell I love Cook’n!?!  I think you are going to too.

Merry Christmas!




We have affiliated with Cook’n on this promotion and do make a small percentage when you purchase the upgrade of Cook’n.  Don’t worry though, I would never put my name on something I didn’t really love. Plus the proceeds go to keeping Unconventional Kitchen going –  win, win.

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