Pics from the Farmers Market and Summer Quinoa Salad

Isaiah at the farmer's market

Isaiah loving the market, sampling the bread, and wearing his sweet shades he would not part with at DI.

Summer Quinoa Salad

I went to the farmers market today, and I am kicking myself that I haven’t made it there more often this summer. The produce was amazing and surprisingly affordable. I got a huge summer squash fro 50 cents, a cucumber for 25 cents, a bunch of carrots for a dollar, and peaches for 25 cents each. I am definitely going to go back next week for a cantaloupe one farmer promised me. I took a gardening class and he said that cantaloupes unlike some other fruits don’t keep ripening once they are picked. He said that the time of peak sweetness is when they are fully ripe on the vine. I have never had the luxury of having a cantaloupe that was completely ripe before it was picked. I am sure the cantaloupe in the grocery store is picked weeks before it gets purchased. Anyway, I will report back next week on my cantaloupe experience, I can’t wait!
As for the produce I bought, I made a simple dinner with the summer squash, broccoli, and fresh tomatoes from my neighbors massive garden. It was simple, but really good and fresh.

Not really a recipe but I will explain how I made it:

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