Quick and Easy Veggie Burgers

Quick and Easy Veggie Burgers

This post is for you Emily. I made these at a weekend ski trip and Emily asked me for the recipe ages ago, sorry for the delay, here is the recipe. This is a recipe that I keep going back to. The thing I love about them, is that they are fast, cheap, delicious and filling ( I guess I should say things). They are also easy to make a double batch and freeze the patties in between parchment paper, making a fast meal another night. The recipe came from the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook, which is one of the only cookbooks that I actually have used over and over, I love it. The veggie burgers are good as written, but needed a little kick to them, so I experimented doubling the spices, adding Tabasco sauce, and sauteed peppers. Feel free to experiment with them. They also go really well with sweet potato fries.

Quick and Easy Veggie Burgers

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8 Responses to Quick and Easy Veggie Burgers

  1. Kara says:

    These are by far the best homemade veggie burgers I’ve ever made. I highly recommend them. Thanks Desi!!

    • desiree says:

      I am so glad that you liked them, they are a favorite at our house as well. They also freeze well, so you can double the batch and have dinner on hand when life gets crazy.

  2. Tiffany says:

    i have been searching your site for this sweet potato fry recipe… do you know it it’s on here? if not, can you put it on??? i am always on the lookout for a good sweet potato fry recipe to please my husband.

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  4. Meredith Landsmann says:

    When preparing a double batch with the intention of freezing for later, should I freeze them before or after pan frying? Any suggestions?

    • desiree says:

      I have done both ways. It is nice to do it all at once and not have to make a mess twice, if I have cooked it before and frozen it I like to crumble it over salads. If you want to eat them as veggie burgers I like to grill them or pan fry them after they have been frozen and unthawed for the crispiness they get. You still could do either way though really and eat them as veggie burgers.

  5. Lauryn says:

    Looks delicious!! Can’t wait to try this! But I was wondering what kind of buns did you use for your burger? Didn’t know if they were gluten free or just whole grain.

    • desiree says:

      These buns were just whole grain, I normally just wrap mine in lettuce. I haven’t found a good gluten free bun. I am actually going to try and make some sourdough buns. I have found I can have sourdough.

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