Almond Joys (raw)

Almond joys made healthy
Photo taken by Melissa Giles

These are one of my favorite treats, they are BETTER than almond joys and aren’t full of a whole bunch of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. As an added bonus coconut oil is so good for you, it actually helps you burn fat, and gives you energy.  Hows that for a dessert!
I usually store these in the freezer after I make them. I like to  use a cookie scoop and scoop them out, or I use a little silicone mold, and put the almond joy mixture in, and then put them in the freezer. While they are in the freezer I make the chocolate sauce. I then pull the almond joys out of the freezer put an almond in the center and top it with chocolate sauce. I put them back in the freezer to set up. OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I demo these all of the time at cooking classes and they are always a hit!  Get yourself in the kitchen and make yourself these cute little almond joy bites, and don’t say that I didn’t warn you they are SO good.

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5 Responses to Almond Joys (raw)

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  2. cyndie says:

    where can I purchase almond meal for the this recipe?

    • desiree says:

      Cyndie, thanks for stopping by!
      You can make almond meal by pulsing whole almonds in your blender till they are powder, don’t pulse them too much or it will start making almond butter. Or sometimes I buy it at Good Earth in the bulk section, if you are here local in Utah. It is really easy to make though. Enjoy!

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  4. nicole says:

    Is the shredded coconut sweetened or unsweetened? I can’t wait to make these. They sound so good. Thanks!

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