Real Foods Made Easy
for Busy Moms and
Healthy Kids

As a reformed junk food junkie, I created the Real Foods Program to show
you exactly how to rely on good food to upgrade your health—even
if you can’t cook.

Fix It With Real Food
What you will get with this program





Don’t start from scratch, start here

Revamp your diet and energize your life in just 12 classes. Each class is quick, fun-to-watch, and designed to help tackle your biggest health hurdles. Plus, you get my favorite healthy recipes, menu plans & shopping lists, easy-to-follow instructions, and plenty of encouragement & support.

Say goodbye to those old habits

This program is famous for helping you:

  • Conquer picky eaters.
  • Bang out real meals.
  • Protect your family from the obesity epidemic, diabetes, etc.
  • Save money on food.
  • Drop extra weight along the way.

Get started today

Take a look inside the program

What you will get when you sign up for our healthy eating classes.

Exclusive 300+ real food recipes, 36 meal plans with no processed ingredients, 56 videos filmed in my kitchen to show you just how easy it is, and weekly encouragement.

What people are saying

Who is Desi?

I’m Desi. I was a junk food addict and I couldn’t cook. But I got sick—really sick. Every medication and treatment failed me, so as a last resort—I decided to change what I ate. The short story is, real food changed my life.

I was a health novice, so I started from scratch. I researched my brains out, tested recipes, and created a whole lot of failures along the way. I spent stacks of money buying new foods and books. I experimented non-stop. Eventually I figured out how to make eating real food a reality for me--a busy mom with three kids. That’s why I created The Real Foods Program. Don’t start from scratch, start here.

  • This is the info I wish I would have had when I started my quest.
  • Desi