Day 7 of Reboot Cleanse

Day 7 of Reboot Cleanse

Today was more of the same.  We went to a baby blessing tonight and their was a big spread of fresh salads and warm soup.  I wanted to eat a big strawberry salad and something warm.  Besides getting bored of not eating I do feel light, energetic, and my sugar cravings are gone.  We went to a wedding last night and they had soft serve ice cream with anything you can imagine to top it with. Although it looked good I wasn’t craving it by any means.  I told Scotty he should comment on here, because you are probably getting sick of my updates.   I need my father in law to write up his experience as well, and my good friend Britta.  She has a really amazing story and has agreed to share it with us.  She has lost 12 pounds by day four and has set foot on her way to a beautiful path.  I will post more about her story.  The amazing thing is when you make a choice in the direction you want to head and act on it, it gives you confidence to make more choices toward that direction.

It is funny because we started out following recipes, and having a plan in place.  Now we are just throwing together whatever in the juicer and calling it good.  I am going for ease, high nutrients, and whatever I can get down.  I have made some sweet juices to though.  A really good juice is pineapple, pear, spinach it tastes like dessert!  We actually did have dessert tonight.  Banana ice cream.  Frozen bananas whipped  in a food processor makes the best soft serve ice cream.  It is one of my favorite treats, who would have known that bananas could make the best ice cream.  I did refrained from adding our usual peanut butter or shredded coconut to it.  Straight banana bliss!!!

What choice have you made lately that has moved you in the direction you want to go?


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