Day 8 and 9 of Reboot Cleanse

Day 8 and 9 of Reboot Cleanse

Time has slipped away from me, I forgot to post yesterday.  We juiced lots of mean green juice this morning because we had to use up our celery, cucumbers, and lemon.  Mean green has been a staple juice on this cleanse along with carrot, apple, orange, and celery.  Some juice turns out really good and some not so much.  I will post the recipes I liked best on this cleanse, what worked and didn’t work, and tips to make it doable tomorrow.  Tomorrow is day 10.  I almost made it.

What I learned today was how good it feels to give.  I have a friend that is doing the cleanse with me, Britta.  I mentioned her before.  She has been such an inspiration to me, and kept me going when I wanted to stop.  Doing it with other people has made all the difference.  The other day was one of those moments on the cleanse where you just can’t stomach the thought of juice again.  I told Britta we should go get a facial and lift her spirits.  If you haven’t had a facial at Aveda school it is a MUST.  They give you a foot massage, hand massage, scalp massage with essential oils along with the facial.  Right now they are running a special a 60 minute massage for 10 dollars!!

After the facial Britta surprised me with the greatest gift, some of Aveda’s face care products, which I love.  She inspired me to want to be generous and give freely.  It is amazing how sometimes we operate from a scarcity mentality thinking that if we give we will lack.   The saying came to mind “give and you shall receive”.  So true, their isn’t a faster way to connect with people than to give.

Take away from today and yesterday:

  1. Find other ways to nourish yourself than just chocolate or comfort foods.  Go for a walk, get a facial, take a nap (ha ha o.k. this one I would love but is not doable with my little rowdies running around, but if you can go for it!), read a good book, sit in the sun, or take a bath.
  2. Give freely it feels good, thanks Britta for teaching me that.
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3 Responses to Day 8 and 9 of Reboot Cleanse

  1. Martie says:

    Did you just repeat the same juices for the whole10 days or was there a new shopping and recipe list that I missed somehow?
    I’m days behind you so, trying to follow your lead. 🙂

    • desiree says:

      How is it going for you? I am just putting the juice together as I go. I stopped following recipes and started just juicing what I had on hand. I am going to put together a post of my favorite juice combos. Sorry after a few days we figured out what we liked and didn’t like. Then we made the same types of juices for the next five days. I am calling everyone that did it as well to get their favorite juice combos. Check back!! Good work doing the cleanse. You are going to feel so good.

  2. Britta says:

    You are the sweetest! Thanks for saying such nice things. 🙂

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