Skye Turns One! How to Throw A Fabulous Party Inexpensively


Hi UK readers! My name is Britta and I am a huge fan of Unconventional Kitchen! I met Desi through my SIL Emily and have enjoyed getting to know her ever since. Des has helped me learn how to use real foods and even got me hooked on juicing…now I’m obsessed with it. You can read about my juicing journey here and how Des has helped change my life. I am so happy to be guest posting today about Skye’s 1st birthday. With spring and summer around the corner, I am sure that many people will be having parties and planning get togethers. I want to share just a few ideas that are not only so cute and fun, but inexpensive! I think it’s the little details that can make or break a party so here are a few ideas.

You Are My Sunshine

Courtesy of Tater Tots and Jello


For Skye’s party we decided to do a sunshine theme. Picking a theme is the first step in planning any party. It’s usually what everything else is based off of. Des loved the phrase “You are my sunshine” so we went with that. We decided on using fun, happy colors with lots of yellow of course! Because Des wanted to use some of the decorations in Skye’s room when the party was over, we chose things that could be re-used. Not only did it save money, but the decorations will get lots of use and be enjoyed all year round. I first found a collection of printables from around the web. We ended up loving this one from Tater Tots and Jello. The best part? It’s free! Once we had a visual for our theme and party, I came up with a few ideas to match.

Fringey Streamer

Courtesy of Oh Happy Day

One of my most favorite and cheapest decoration ideas is the fringey streamer. I learned about this streamer from Oh Happy Day. It’s cheap, easy, and adds a little pizazz. I have used the fringeys at many parties and have always gotten compliments on them. For Skye we used them around the food table and also around the banister in the kitchen. It added a pop of color and helped tie everything in together. You can learn how to make fringey streamers here.

I also made a cute bunting banner (sorry for no picture). Des picked out the best fabric and it will also be hung in Skye’s room after. With the left over fabric I covered planters. They were so easy and way cheap! I got the idea from pinterest (love that place!) and was amazed out how quickly I could make them. I popped in a couple of live flowers and voila! More awesome table decorations. We used these cute planters all around the house and they were very springy. You can find directions here.


Courtesy of Christine Chitnis


To go along with the theme, I made Skye an over the top birthday hat. Des made her a cute tutu and she sported an appliqued onesie with a big sun on the front. When planning the details, I wanted everything to go well together including the birthday girl. She looked adorable and I think she had fun! Some people may not be sure how to make a tutu or applique a onesie, but luckily for us there are about a gazillion tutorials on how to do it. Sometimes you just gotta give it a try and things work out just fine.


To complete the party we added yellow paper straws, a bunting banner on her cake, custom cupcake toppers, and some fun balloons. For less than $100, we were able to have a super fun and cute party with treats as well as decorate a room. Updates to follow when the room is complete!


Thanks Britta for all of the great info on how to plan a really fun party that won’t break the bank.  Really I think we spent less than $50 on all of the decorations and food, and it was so cute down to the detail.  I was surprised how much you can do with some inexpensive paper and fabric. The covered pots are still on my counter top, and bring so much cheer to the room.

I had to sneak in a picture of the birthday girl because she is SO adorable.  I will have to post a picture with her little birthday hat that Britta made her.


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