Slow Down and Enjoy the Simple Things

Slow Down and Enjoy the Simple Things

fresh cherries

Today I learned an important lesson from my toddler, to slow down and enjoy life a little more. This morning I found myself getting frustrated that getting out of the door takes at least an hour, and getting into the car another 20 minutes, etc. I stopped and realized that the source of my impatience was that I was trying to pack to much into one day.

I decided to slow down and enjoy the simple things a little more. To hold Skye a little longer while she is asleep and enjoy her, to laugh with Isaiah as we spit out cherries into a glass of water to watch them float, to sit down and enjoy watching the wind blow through the trees. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy, not how much you get done in your day. I think toddlers are the best examples of this they notice the rolly polly bugs on the side walk, or get excited about how a rock makes a splash in the pond. Today I am going to do less and live a little more. I think that at the end of the day those are the things you will remember most, not how clean your house was, or how many things you accomplished in one day. Slow down and enjoy more is going to be my motto for the next week to remind myself to stress a little less about things that aren’t that important and enjoy a little more of the things that are.

On that note, if any of you live in Orem or close their is a great deal on cherries. The house that is just South of Cascade Elementary is selling a big bag of cherries grown in his orchard for $3.

Does anyone have a good recipe to do with cherries? Or recipes for green apples too, I have a box of apples that need to be used up. I think I am going to make fruit leather, applesauce, and dried apples. But any ideas or good recipes would be much appreciated!

I think I am going to try this roasted applesauce.

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    • desiree says:

      Thanks for the talk, it is a good one. I agree time feels like it keeps accelerating, and I would hate to miss out on what matters most.

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