Southwestern Corn and Sweet Potato Soup

Admittedly this picture isn’t pretty. I took it right before we devoured all of it, so I hurried and snapped a picture of the last bowl. I wanted to post this dinner because it was such an easy good dinner.
This recipe was adapted from the Moosewood Cookbook, Low Fat Favorites. This cookbook was given to me by the previous owner of our house. He sold books on Ebay, and gave me all of the ones he didn’t want to pack up with them. One of the many perks to buying the house! Despite the name, it was such a gem. The recipes in the book are so flavorful, and good for you, plus they always turn out. This soup recipe jumped at me because it had sweet potatoes in it, I love sweet potatoes, and in my book anything with sweet potatoes has to be good would be good. To the recipe I added millet to get more grains in my diet, and an extra potato for creaminess, both are optional. The millet makes into more a stew, a little thicker than a soup.

.Southwestern Corn and sweet potato soup

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