Spain, Spain, Spain (Part 3)

Madrid!  After an amazing trip in the mountains we went back to stay with Jonas.  What a treat that was.

Before we made it to Jonas’s house we stopped in Burgos on a whim.  It was so funny because we pulled over to see the castle we saw on the picture on the freeway sign.  It turned out there was a big festival, so we decided to stay.

We found a hotel and stayed for the night. One of the highlights of the festival was the food booths. There were HUGE rounds of cheese.  I was blown away.  One man we met was seriously the real deal.  He even wore a cheese net hat. I asked him for a picture with his cheese and he said it was good it wasn’t Saturday or he would smell of cheese. That is the day he prepares the cheese.


He told me he learned how to make cheese from his father, it was a family tradition.  They had three different caves to make the cheese in. They also had cows in those areas that had different tasting milk, to produce the different cheeses.  I asked him why they used three different caves, all in the Alps, and he told me that they did that because it made the cheese taste different.  For example, the Roquefort blue cheese is actually made in a cave called Roquefort.  Oh the taste of that cheese nearly knocked me over — SO STRONG. I had to buy some, not the blue cheese but the more mild Swiss cheese.  I was fascinated by it all.



After the festival, we arrived at Jonas’s house.  I was excited to meet him, I had heard so much about him. He is seriously the most animated person I have ever met.  His job is doing the voices for cartoon characters. The kids adored him for it.

I loved the food in Spain but was in need of a fresh food fix.  Lots of good bread, lots of cheese, jam, and ham.  But I craved greens, a big salad or something fresh.  When we got to his house he asked what we wanted and apologized for not having anything in the house.  I told him I was easy and truthfully just wanted some carrots. He laughed and told me that Chris, his girlfriend, was my twin. She loves fresh food too. Not only does she have the same affinity for real food as I do, she is a fabulous cook.

Her mother had a big garden and would put up food for the winter like we do. One thing I learned was how she put up Swiss chard.  They would boil it with water, salt, and a little lemon and bottle it for the winter.  I had never thought of canning Swiss chard.

I have to say the best food in Spain was Chris’s fresh homemade food.  The good news is she shared her family recipes with me.

Here is a dinner that we ate with them:

A carrot, corn, salad (oh how happy I was to have a salad, you have no idea!), and an octopus salad — the first time I had ever eaten that. Skye even had a bite because it had purple on it.  Isaiah opted out of trying it.  We also had a typical Spanish tortilla of eggs, onions, and potatoes. It was so light and fluffy I had to know how to make it.  And of course cheese (the cheese we brought them), bread, and some awesome olives.

Luckily she shared her Spanish tortilla recipe:

Spanish Tortilla

  • 3 Yukon potatoes
  • 1/2 an onion (sweet is best)
  • 6 eggs
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  1. Peel the potatoes and grate them.
  2. Dice the onion
  3. In a small to medium frying pan, fill the bottom with oil (you can do less if you want, I am just giving you the authentic recipe).  Fry the onion and potatoes until soft.  Make sure and season them with salt.
  4. Drain off the oil.  Turn up the heat to hot.
  5. Whip up the eggs in a separate bowl.
  6. Pour the eggs over the onions and potatoes.  Smooth out the mixture and the eggs so the tortilla is flat.
  7. Cook until it is mostly cooked through.  Put a plate on top that covers the whole tortilla and flip the tortilla on to it — careful this part can lead to disaster if you drop the tortilla.
  8. Put the tortilla back in the pan on the other side to cook it.  (Or my little trick to skip this precarious step is to pop it in the oven when it is almost cooked through and broil it on low until it is cooked through — watch it closely though because it cooks fast.)
Enjoy this super fast and traditional Spanish dinner—really yummy!
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