Spring Craft Roundup (Easter and St. Patricks Day combined!)

I can’t believe how close Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are this year!  Since they are so close together, I put together a round up of different crafts that you could do for both!  Isaiah and Skye are most excited about making the Leprechaun trap.  I added two Christ centered activities to the crafts that you can do during Easter as well, to remember the real reason that we have to celebrate.  I am planning on doing them with my kids.  SO much to do! Happy crafting.


1. This idea from Playful Learning is a really fun and beautiful spring craft you could do with your kids.

2. A really sweet Easter egg hunt that focuses on the Resurrection.

3. Leprechaun traps from Modern Parents Messy Kids.

4. Silly putty carrots!  Make this with your kids or give it to them on Easter.  What kid doesn’t love to play with gak?!

5. Easter egg bath bombs!

6. Water color Easter eggs.  These are beautiful and would make a great decoration.

7. Pom pom chicks.  So cute and so easy to make!

8. I love the idea of making the Resurrection tomb.  Every day you can let your kids spray the grass with water so it will grow and use it as a teaching opportunity.

9. THE cutest St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts.  They are made with a pencil eraser and green paint.

Happy Spring!

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