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Meal Plan Like A Boss

When you read the words “meal planning,” how does that make you feel? Do your palms get sweaty and your insides clench? Does the overwhelm descend before you’ve even started? For many people, that is exactly their reaction. We have … Continue reading

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Real Food for Travel

Summer is here, and that means lazy days, lots of sun, and an amazing family vacation. Unfortunately, family vacations can often involve quick trips through drive-throughs, and other unhealthy foods. For me, those typical travel foods bog me down and … Continue reading

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Packable Meals

Three Essential Components to have when PREPARING MEALS TO GO! I can just feel now, how the energy is in my kitchen when my family is trying to get out of the house on time while packing meals to-go as … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Planning

When I left to college, (15 years ago…)  there was a lot I felt nervous about. But food and meal planning wasn’t one of those things. My mom was an AMAZING example of how to plan out your week of … Continue reading

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