Thanksgiving Roundup

A quick round up of whole food Thanksgiving recipes: but first………

Thanksgiving can’t be this week.  To be honest I have been so busy putting together my upcoming holiday classes, and program, which I am SO excited about-that it has snuck up on me.  If your like me and don’t have a plan,  join the procrastinator club, and check out the whole food recipes below.  Some are classics and some recipes have a unique twist.  I LOVE Thanksgiving getting together with family, enjoying a good meal, and reflecting on all I am thankful for.

Thanksgiving Roundup

Thanksgiving Roundup

This millet lentil salad from Yum Sugar looks amazing, I think I am going to take this to Thanksgiving dinner-switch it up a little bit.  Anything with pomegranates in it is a winner in my book.
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

Um yes! Twice baked pecan sweet potatoes from Closet Cooking, I’ll take two.  I LOVE sweet potatoes, and how fun that it is an individual serving instead of a casserole.  I would probably skip the bourbon if I was making them, and use whole grain flour.   If you wanted you probably could use all maple syrup in the recipe, or a little bit of sucanat in place of the brown sugar,-or just leave them be.

Beautiful Kale Salad

A beautiful kale salad, total eye candy.  What makes this salad unique is that the kale in the salad is roasted.  Leave it up to How Sweet It Is to post a fabulous recipe.

Two Ingredient Mashed Potatoes

These are your classic mashed potatoes, with only TWO ingredients.  You probably guessed one of them is -butter and the other potatoes!  Steamy Kitchen teaches you the method for making perfect mashed potatoes .  You could go wild from here and add garlic, sauteed spinach, whatever fun addition you would like!  These  are not the lightest or healthiest mashed potatoes but she teaches a  good technique that you could lighten and add other things to.  You might not want to go to crazy though, people tend to like something familiar and traditional for Thanksgiving.

Mashed Potatoes and Kale

Here is another option for a less traditional more healthy mashed  potatoes with kale and roasted garlic from Cooking Actress.  I personally love greens in my potatoes.

Smoked Turkey

I’m not a huge meat eater, but I do love when my Dad makes his smoked turkey, the roasted garlic gravy from Simply Recipes sounds amazing.  I’ll be honest this recipe kind of looks intimidating with lots of steps, but the roasted garlic is what drew me in.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pie

I don’t love pie, and pumpkin pie even less than other pies-I know I’m not American.  What I DO like is-chocolate and peanut butter.  Chocolate Covered Katie came up with this brilliant chocolate and peanut butter no bake pie.  This pie I would eat!

Pumpkin Pie Reeses

Oh wow.  Reeces with pumpkin.  Who needs pie???  Another Chocolate Covered Katie dessert.

Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!  And I hope to see you in the holiday baking class.  If you are out of state, not too worry, we have a holiday baking party online coming up!!

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  1. You have some great recipes here!

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