Toasted Honey Granola

Toasted Honey Granola

This granola is a request from Whitney. I have tried the rainbow of different granola recipes. Usually I know the base of what goes in granola and just kind of wing it with what I have on hand. I do have a recipe which I love but it takes a lot of honey and coconut oil, which are both expensive. So that recipe I only make it on occasion, or I will add a bunch more oats, and puffed cereal to stretch it, and to make it a little less sweet. This recipe intrigued me because it only had 2 T of oil and 1/4 C of honey, the other recipe is easily double or triple that. This recipe is from the Cooks Illustrated home cookbook.

A side note on the cookbook. I love this cookbook, I use it as a base for a lot of recipes, they are not the healthiest so I usually do quite a bit of altering, but I like it for a base. The only things I changed were to add coconut oil in place of canola oil, and I added a tsp. of maple flavoring because I like the maple syrup flavor. I also added dried cherries instead of raisins, and I added flax and chia seeds.

The intriguing thing about this recipe is that you toast everything first, which I have never seen in a granola recipe. That gives it a depth of flavor without having to add a lot to it. This granola is not very sweet but Scotty and I both really liked it. Even for his sweet tooth is was sweet enough. Without further ado….here is the granola recipe….

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6 Responses to Toasted Honey Granola

  1. Angela says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know how to ‘toast’ all the nuts, oats and seeds. It’s in the oven but not on a baking sheet yet… so a casserole dish??
    Then after you add the oil/honey and spread on a sheet, you are stirring the sheet every 5 minutes, but the oven is off the whole time? losing all the heat opening the oven so much, its still okay?

  2. Leisa says:

    It can be confusing can’t it? This is my favorite granola recipe ever, I bookmark it so I can make it often.

    I use two cookie sheets one to taste my nuts, and the other for the oats/coconut. The nuts usually get done faster to me. I just barely bake them until I can smell their nuttiness, then I pull them out. I put the oats/coconut mixture in the oven at the same time and bake them until the coconut turns light brown..
    Taking it off the heat is just an expression meaning, remove your sheets out of the oven and put them on top of your stove. You do this so you can safely mix the remaining ingredients. Keep your oven On, so once everything is mixed you can put it back into a hot oven. And then stir every 5. Let it cool completely! It’s so yummy.! I really hope this helps,!

  3. Tabitha says:

    What is a typical serving size for this granola? I was looking at the sample meal plan and it doesn’t really say.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tabitha! I would say 1/2 C would be a serving size:). I usually eat more than that, but I would guess that is what a serving size would be.

  4. Sandy says:

    are the oats quick or old fashion oats.

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