Tyke Toter

Tyke Toter

So I know that my blog focuses on healthy eating and getting back into the kitchen, but I think a big part of healthy eating is exercising. The two go hand in hand. When you exercise you crave better for you foods, and when you eat healthier you have energy to exercise. Some times as a mom though it can be a little tricky to get out and exercise.

So why not kill two birds with one stone and take your kids with you for a little exercise and fun. The Tyke Toter is an invention of a neighbor of mine. You have to read their sweet story of how they came up with this nifty little bike seat, it is ingenious to solve the problem of taking a younger kid with the bigger kids on a bike ride. I told Shelley I would try it out and give my honest opinion on it. I am all for supporting local businesses and for people that are promoting healthier lifestyles.

The thing I like about the tyke toter is that they sit up front. Isaiah loves it he can see where we are going and what is going on. To try it out I took Isaiah with me to the farmers market on it. It was so nice because I didn’t have to pull a big bike trailer behind me I could just throw him on it and go. It was easier to park the bike because again I didn’t have the bike trailer. I have taken it out a few times since and Isaiah loves riding on it. In fact I pumped him over to a barbeque that we had with friends, and all of the kids wanted to take turns riding on it, Isaiah was throwing little mini dramatic tantrums every time they would come back and take another kid out. Taking turns is a foreign word for a two year old.

I think the seat would be ideal for times that you want to commute somewhere, like fireworks, the park, grandmas house etc, and don’t want your kids riding their own bikes on the busy streets. I think it is also nice for Sunday rides or nights when the whole family wants to go for a ride and the younger ones can’t keep up. The only draw back I saw was I had a hard time clamping it on my bike tight enough by myself. Not a big deal because my husband with little to no effort was able to snap it on, men are annoying that way aren’t they (at least make it look like it took a little effort). Just have someone with strong hands on hand when you go to put it on your bike. Another trick to make it easier to start and stop I found was to use the curb, it makes it a little easier to get going. My verdict, I really like using it, and Isaiah loves it. I think it is nice to have a both a tyke toter and a bike trailer on hand because I like my trailer for longer rider so they can eat and drink, a great distractor, and the tyke toter for all of the trips around town, neighborhood, it is so nice and compact.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine on a tyke toter and support a local company!

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