Valentine Glitter Rocks: A Quick Craft

 Valentine Glitter Rocks

Valentine Glitter ROcks 2


I have always LOVED holidays.  I remember the effort that my mom put into making them memorable.  Following trails of gold coins to a pot of “gold” on St. Patricks, or making all the Valentines to give out in class, decorating the house for the holidays.  I want to do the same for my kids..

This year I thought it would be fun to give the grandparents these Valentine glitter rocks. They are SO easy to put together but can be MESSY.  We made these outside (so that we  didn’t get in trouble ha ha).  In our next house Scotty wants a craft room, so we can craft to our hearts content, without demolishing the kitchen-like we do now.  Sorry Scotty!

Making Valentine Glitter RocksThese are super simple to put together-that is why we chose this craft.  All you need is glitter, glue, and rocks.

To Assemble The Glitter Rocks (you probably don’t need this explanation but I’ll give it anyway!)

Step 1: Go on a rock hunt.  Skye loved this part.

Step 2: Then wash all the dirt off the rocks.

Step 3: Next put a pattern of glue on them.  I just did hearts.

Step 4: Then sprinkle glitter on top.

Step 5: And dust the rest of the glitter off-done!  Make sure to let them dry.

Valentine Glitter Rocks

Some other fun things we do on Valentines:


Every year Scotty and I go to Banff Mountain Film Festival– what can I say but I am a hippy at heart.  It’s the easiest date because it is planned every year.  Plus we both love it.


I also make a big Valentine breakfast that the kids wake up to. I switch up what I make every year. But I might start making the same breakfast so they know what to look forward to.  There is something about consistency that makes things memorable.  This year I am making them baked donuts or waffles.


Every year we decorate and make our annual sugar cookies ( I have THE best recipe-not super healthy but GOOD).  True story this recipe of my friends, got us both free personal training.  We gave them out at Valentines and one of the boys loved them so much we did a trade for more cookies.  Our ” Russian underground training sessions” were pretty comical.

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