Valentine Roundup


Valentines is close :).  I LOVE Valentines.  We keep it pretty simple here in our household but there are two things I do every year that I look forward to.

#1.  I always make a fun breakfast.  I have a heart table cloth and I usually pick up heart plastic straws at the dollar store.  Last year we had pink smoothies, and pancakes with strawberries and whip cream.  This year I think I am going to make these cute egg hearts you will see later on with a fun pink smoothie as well.

#2. The second thing we do every Valentines is a date Scotty and I go on.  We go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  I look forward to it every year.  It is like the Sundance Film Festival but for outdoor adventure films. Banff selects a bunch of their favorite independent films and they tour the country showing them.  They have films of kayaking off water falls, base jumping in Africa, free solo climbing, or even ice climbing on ice burgs.  My inner hippie comes out in me and I usually leave the films dreaming up some crazy adventure I would LOVE to go on.

I rounded up a bunch of fun ideas for Valentines ideas for you that are all quick and simple but oh so cute.

Eggs in a Basket

 1. Eggs in a basket.  We make this a lot for breakfast.  The kids LOVE stamping out there own bread with different cookie cutters.  I thought this picture was so cute with the heart.  I do have to pierce the yolk and cook it all the way through or my little girl doesn’t love it.

2 Ingredient Valentine Bites2. These little Valentine bites are made from two ingredients.  I would use peanut butter if I were making them and maybe a bit of honey to sweeten them.  They make a cute topper for Greek yogurt and strawberries.

Heart Pizzas

3. These heart pizzas are a cute idea.  The recipe calls for store bought pizza dough-just make sure to check the ingredients.  Or I really like this pizza dough.  I usually do at least half whole wheat flour in it if not all.

pomegranate heart ice

4. Water just got a lot more fun!  These pomegranate hearts come from Two Loves Studio.

Heat Apples

5. Love apples.  You just use a cookie cutter to cut out a piece of the apple and swap it with an apple of another color.

strawberry hearts

5. These are just strawberries with the top cut, a heart shaped watermelon, and mozzarella cheese cut out into hearts.  Really simple fun snack.

Heart Fruit Skewers 6. Heart shaped fruit skewers from Tip Junkie.

Egg Hearts

7. I think I am going to make these for breakfast with the pink smoothie pictured below, if I can find a heart shaped mold.  These little egg hearts come from Seeking Shade.

Update:  I made these for Valentine breakfast and they need something more.  I am going to play around with them a bit and see if I can’t give them a little more flavor.

Pink Smoothie

8. This looks like a yummy smoothie and it is Skye’s favorite color–PINK.

Avocado Heart Toast

9. Avocado Heart Toast by Mimi Avocado.  She lives on an avocado farm.  I seriously want to go visit.  Ha ha can you imagine just showing up and knocking on her door.  I wouldn’t put it past me.

chocolate molten lava cakes

10. And what Valentines would be complete without CHOCOLATE molten lava cakes.  Here is a gluten free chocolate molten lava cake recipe.


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4 Responses to Valentine Roundup

  1. Mimi of Mimi Avocado says:

    Thanks for including me in your round up! Of course I would love to have you visit!

  2. Jane says:

    You can find the heart shaped molds at Michael’s! Thanks for the mention! Those pomegranate ice cubes are so adorable. Definitely think those will make my daughter happy…

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