Our Team

Desiree Ward

Desi – Creator and CEO

Desiree Ward (Desi) created Unconventional Kitchen (UK) in 2009; sparked by a desire to share her passion of helping families to eat real, unprocessed food.  UK seeks to help others develop a taste for delicious and healthy homemade meals. The website features Desi’s favorite, signature recipes along with tips to create the happiest and healthiest lifestyle possible for your family.

Over the past 5 years, Desi has grown her community of Moms to over 83,000.  She created the Real Foods Made Easy Program in 2011, which offers Moms a step by step guide to feed their families healthy, unprocessed, real food.  UK has also been the host site for the Annual Mom Conference for the past two years, which has brought 44,000 Moms together from across the globe.  


Liz – Contributor and Director of Marketing and Sales

I’m Liz Vander Leeuw. Mom, wife, daughter, friend, foodie, and wellness advocate. After dealing with health issues for ten years, I decided to make a change in my lifestyle. I lost nearly fifty pounds and began a journey to seek wellness. In 2014, I became a certified health coach after completing my education at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am passionate about all things related to health, food, and family. Now, as a new mom to my baby girl, I am even more passionate about creating the healthiest life possible for my family. I believe that Moms hold the key to create healthier generations.

We can all learn from one another, and take small steps together to create a healthier future for our children and our children’s children.



Mel – Contributor and Administrative Superstar

My name is Mel. Our family lives in Houston, TX. I keep busy with 3 crazy boys and 1 tiny girl. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, and over the last 8 years have had to hone in on a more healthy lifestyle of eating. What at first seemed difficult, or even frustrating has become so rewarding! When my husband had to unexpectedly have open heart surgery last summer, I felt blessed that with all that was going on, our diet wasn’t something we’d need to adjust or change. We already ate the way the Dr’s were recommending to all their patients. For this, I was grateful!

I’m excited to have this opportunity to help others looking for simple, yummy, and healthy recipes.  www.melsgoodfood.blogspot.com


Lisa – Contributor

My name is Lisa, but some people call me Veggie Lisa. I am a mom of four kids who loves to dance, cook, exercise, shop, decorate, and enjoy all the beautiful things the state of Utah has to offer. I have had a very long journey to get to the place that I am now, strong and confident but most of all happy. At one point in my life I weighed 200 pounds. It took 11 long years and 4 babies later to finally learn how to nourish my body properly and be comfortable in my own skin. Being a life long vegetarian, I have a passion for vegetables and love teaching my kids how delicious they can be. Most people find veggies very, very, very boring. And gross. But not me! I love all things green and the more colorful my plate is, the happier I am. Vegetables don’t have to be boring! My motto is eat good, feel good, look good. When we eat good food and treat our bodies with respect, the rest falls into place.


Daphne – Contributor

Passionate about food and health, I enjoy creating meals and eating them. Originally from Singapore, I have called Australia home for more than 16 years. Combining my love for Asian and Australian cuisine, you can find a good mix of cafe style and home cooked comfort food from me. I gained and lost between 27-30 kgs twice. Once, when I was in my twenties, and the other post pregnancy, I was also diagnosed with PCOS, infertility and IBS. That is why I truly believe in nutrient dense food and moving smartly. My professional background is in clinical psychology. In my down time, you will find me in the kitchen, or with a good book and hot cup of coffee. Life for me is filled with memories that I enjoy creating with my little man and big man in Perth, Western Australia. I write frequently on Words That Nourish | Clean Eating. Healthy Living


Kristi Bray 2015
Kristi – Contributor

I have a Ph.D. in biology, which means I’ve spent a lot of time doing experiments at the lab bench. I also love to conduct experiments at home with easy recipes and crafts. I started my blog while in graduate school as a fun outlet for the evenings and something I could play with on my own time. http://thenightlifeofascientist.blogspot.com/ I’m currently raising two cute little monsters, and couldn’t be more blessed.


Emily Allen - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Emily – Contributor

Emily Allen is a former obese girl turned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She lost 70 pounds by cutting processed food, an experience she documented on her site, www.thatswhatieat.com. Emily now teaches families how to cut processed foods and live their healthiest lives. She teaches cooking classes, does public speaking about healthy living, and has even appeared on local news programs featuring her recipes. Emily believes that anyone can live a healthier life, no matter their schedule or budget. You can find her on her site www.thatswhatieat.com, on Instagram, on Pinterest, and on Facebook.

Paula – Contributor

Professionally, I’m a registered dietitian and health coach. Personally, I’m a mom of two kids & a wife who loves to share my enthusiasm & importance of living a healthy lifestyle!

I’ve created a method for living a fun family life that includes healthy, simple meals and daily workouts using my Plan Prepare Portion Method!

My passion is to inspire, motivate and teach others how to integrate the Plan Prepare Portion Method into a crazy-busy, ever changing schedule!