What To Do If Your Kids WON’T Touch a Green Smoothie

 What To Do If Your Kids WON’T Touch a Green Smoothie

Baby Skye Drinking a Green Smoothie

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My kids love everything I make, always go to bed right on time, pick up after themselves, never throw temper tantrums, prefer greens to potato chips, always play nicely with each other, and give me hugs and tell me I am the best mom in the world, like every day! HA!! I wish that was my reality. If that is your world, share with us your secrets. The truth is  some kids will hate green smoothies, and some kids will down them like they are a milk shake. You’re still a good mom if your kid won’t touch a green smoothie. But here are some awesome tips to trick them into lovin’ em.

All of these tips have come from the crazy awesome moms in my program, Real Foods Made Easy. In the program we have a private Facebook group, which I am totally loving and learning a lot from. There have been a lot of great questions asked, but this question spawned this post.

The question was asked (I am paraphrasing here) “Help! My kids flat out refuse to drink a green smoothie! They will eat a plate of salad fine, but will not touch a green smoothie!”

Here is what the intelligent group of ladies, that seriously inspire me, came up with:

1. Try juicing the greens instead. The texture of green smoothies is what sometimes bothers kids, but juice can be a little easier to get down.

2. Make a monster face in the smoothie.  I had to laugh when I read this one, I thought it was awesome! The smart mom wrote that she makes a face out of agave or honey on the top of the smoothie. Then, while her daughter is drinking it she screams, “No! Don’t eat me… aaah! Aaaah!” Her daughter laughs the whole time (while her mom is laughing on the inside), and downs the smoothie. See, smart mom!

3. Give them a reward.  One mom said that she let him pick a place he wanted to go and she would take him on a special date. He chose the park. After ten days of drinking smoothies she took him to the park. She also said that after a few days of drinking them he forgot about the park incentive, but she reminded him and took him anyway.

4. Make them into more of a milk shake then a green smoothie.  Making a smoothie with cocoa powder, milk (I used almond milk), bananas, and raw cashews makes thick, yummy milk shakes you can blend in spinach and they can’t even taste it.

5. Rename them.  Another mom said that it is all in how you sell it – so true. Marketers have known this for ages; they put characters on different foods to make kids LOVE them. She said her girls wouldn’t touch green smoothies until they saw them being demoed as Popeye’s Ice Cream at Costco. After that they begged for them.

6. Make them into popsicles. What kid doesn’t love a popsicle?

7.Tell them the benefits. That always works with Isaiah; I tell them that he is going to get big muscles or I call them “power smoothies.”

8. Make it a game, who can drink theirs the fastest. I always feel their muscles afterwards to see who’s got the biggest.

9. This was my advice along with a lot of the other moms.  Don’t feel like a bad mom if they still won’t.  If your kids will eat greens in other ways – which there are PLENTY of ways (in their eggs, juiced, as salad, in smoothies, in soups, kale chips, even in their ice cream) – try those other ways. And even then if they won’t touch greens after that, you are still a good mom. What goes a long way for me is to just notice what they will eat that is good for them. Tell them, “That is awesome! You just ate your whole plate of peas, let me see your muscles.”  You might not want to say that to your teenager, but you get the picture. Behavior that you want repeated, praise it. They will be more willing to try things if you aren’t harping on them for what they won’t eat. Don’t make eating into a battle, it will make your life miserable, seriously miserable. And if you have strong-willed kids like I do, you will lose every time.

Coming up….Part 2 a Green Smoothie Downloadable chart that one of those awesome moms I was telling you about used to get her little boy to drink and end up loving green smoothies.

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4 Responses to What To Do If Your Kids WON’T Touch a Green Smoothie

  1. TomiLee Smith says:

    Your green smoothie recipe is delicious best I’ve ever had and my two kids can’t get enough! Thanks.

  2. Paula Snow says:

    Thank for this 30 day challenge! Haven’t got my kids on board, but they do a courtesy spoonful every couple do days. My blender isn’t the best. I know if I can get a smoother texture my kids will be all over them because they all taste so good. Thank you for sharing your easiest way to eat real foods. There are so many food out there that wreck havoc on our minds and body! Thank you!

  3. Debbie says:

    These are such good ideas! I like the idea about renaming them. Because my daughter loved smoothies before, when I wasn’t making them with veggies 🙂 But now that she’s had a few she doesn’t like, she will barely even try them. So maybe if I start calling them some kind of princess drink or ballerina boost, she’ll try it. 🙂 Love these ideas–thank you!

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