Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 and Part 2

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Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 (4 Week Course)

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or intimidating. Let me show you how to transform your health with food that is fresh, flavorful, and fast to prepare.

This is the perfect course if you are looking to start a whole foods diet, or freshen up the one you already have. In this course we will be covering simple easy ways to get more whole grains, healthy fats, natural sweeteners, and greens into your diet. The first class will cover how to clean out your pantry and the rest of the classes will focus on building up a whole foods pantry.   We will cover what fats are good for you and what fats should be avoided, how to create amazing desserts with natural sweeteners in place of sugar, and delicious inventive ways to get more whole grains into your diet.

In addition I will share with you money saving tips, organizing tips, and I will set aside time to answer all of your questions during the course as you start experimenting with these different ingredients. You will also get to demo tons of delicious food, and a booklet of recipes with each class.

Get prepared to experience vibrant health and energy, as you implement what you learn in this course.

New Years Special: It is always easier to make lasting changes with support.  Sign up for class with a friend and get $20 off of the second course purchased.  Act fast because this special is only for the first week of January 2011.


Whole Foods Made Easy Workshop 4 Week Course (Part 1)

Dates:January/February 12,19,26 2011
Where: Alpine Food Storage, Alpine Utah

• Class 1: Cleaning Out Your Pantry/Go Green, One Tip That Will Change Your Life
• Class 2: Healthy Fats That Rev Up Your Metabolism
• Class 3: Natural Sweeteners, Give Sugar the Boot
• Class 4: Whole Grains, That Keep You Satisfied

***You can sign up for individual classes for $15, email me at desiree.hancock@gmail.com to reserve your spot

Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1  (1 Course without discount $55)


Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 Course (2 courses with the 20 dollar discount $85)

The same deal applies to the Whole Foods Made Easy Part 2 as well!

Whole Foods Made Easy Course (Part 2)

Whole Foods Made Easy Part 2 (4 Week Course)

Dates:Feb. 9,16,23 March 1 2011
Where: Alpine Food Storage, Alpine Utah

This course is perfect in continuation with Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 course, or for those who have already started a whole foods diet. In this course we will go into more depth on how to make over recipes using whole grains, healthy fats and natural sweeteners. We will also teach how to take the great foods you are already eating and triple the nutrition in them. We will cover healthy snacks, and quick and easy plant based main dishes that will satisfy the whole family, and the benefits of eating live foods. I will teach you how to make fast and easy high nutrient snacks, and how to boost your immune system with pro-biotic rich foods . You will be able to sample a variety of different recipes, and receive a packet of recipes and information on each topic.

Class 5: Comfort Food and Dessert Makeovers
Class 6: Vegetarian Main Dish Meals
Class 7: Sprouting/Dehydrating/Probiotics
Class 8: Rawkin Raw, Maximize Your Time in the Kitchen

Whole Foods Made Easy Part 2  (1 Course Without The Discount $55)

Whole Foods Made Easy Part 2 (2 Courses With The Discount $85)
Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 and Part 2 ($10 dollar discount for taking both)
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3 Responses to Whole Foods Made Easy Part 1 and Part 2

  1. Kathy says:

    Do you give classes for gluten free diets?

    • desiree says:

      All of my classes I give gluten free options, and most of the recipes are naturally gluten free. I do do specifically gluten free classes but don’t have any set up right now. I can do in home classes if you would like to set something up as well.

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