Whole Grain Cinnamon Banana Cake with Gluten Free Version

Cinnamon Banana Cake
Wow. These little cakes are really tasty. Shocking enough they have NO oil or butter in them, making them a lot better for you than most cakes. Trust me they don’t need it, the bananas in the cupcakes make them really moist, and more then make up for the lack of fat. Along with being “healthyish” they taste really good.
I made the cake for Isaiah’s second birthday party. It was adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod‘s recipe. I mainly just changed the flour to be whole grain flour, and the sweetener to be turbinado sugar instead of refined sugar. In the future I will experiment with agave in this recipe. You can see that the cake in the pictures is frosted, but the cake doesn’t need frosting. Since it was a birthday cake I wanted to decorate it, so I frosted it with a light whip cream frosting. If you do end up frosting the cake, omit the topping.
My next project with this recipe is to make it with agave. Truthfully I am still out of it. I ran out of it making the raspberry jam, and being pregnant and tired, didn’t make the effort to go get it. You will be happy to know I have picked up a gallon FINALLY.Cinnamon Banana Cake - Isaiah's birthday

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7 Responses to Whole Grain Cinnamon Banana Cake with Gluten Free Version

  1. Koni says:

    I am new to your site. I found you from GSG website. Love your videos!! Thank you so much for doing this blog, I know it’s a ton of work.
    Just a question, can I make this cake wtih whole wheat flour instead of the flour blend you suggest?
    Will you post this again once you figure out how much agave to use?

    • desiree says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad that you have find the site useful, your right it can be a lot of work. To answer your question, you can make the cake with whole wheat flour in place of the flour blend that I suggest, but add 1 1/2 C of wheat flour in place of 1 3/4 whole grain flour blend. Let me know how it turns out. As soon as I make the cake with agave I will let you know how much to add.

      Happy Baking,

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  3. Kelsey says:

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it! What temperature did you bake it at?

    • desiree says:

      Thanks for stopping by, this cake is one of my favorite desserts. Bake it at 375, thanks for catching that!

  4. Vicki Schonborg says:

    Hi, was wondering if I could double this recipe into a 10×13 pan and how long would I cook it and at what temperature. Thank you

    • admin says:

      HI Vicki! I am not sure….so sorry. I bet it would work fine to double I am just not sure how long you would need to cook it for. Do the tooth pick test, by putting in a tooth pick when it comes out clean and batter free it is done. Also this cake is close to done when it smells really good in your kitchen. Hope that helps!

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