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The sugar rush of Halloween is finally over and now we have our sights set on that big beautiful bird coming in a few weeks. And after that, all the Christmas goodies brought into our homes. I know this time of year can be hard, or practically impossible to get your workout in and try to stay on top of your health. Life can get so busy!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to fit that workout in this holiday season. Also my favorite 30 min HIIT workout is below.

  • Try something new. It’s so easy to get complacent and stuck in a rut so to say with our workout routines. Shake it up! Try a new class at your gym, borrow a fitness DVD from a friend or try something you haven’t done before.
  • Head Outdoors. I get it. Chances are the weather where you live in November and December is most likely cold, rainy or even snowy. I live in Utah, but I am not a skier, snowmobiler or even ice fisher! But a few years ago I was determined to find a winter activity that I liked. I tried snowshoeing and I love it. Even if the snow is coming down hard, I can strap on my shoes and head out into the winter bliss.
  • Find a buddy. Things are always easier in pairs. Find a friend who has similar goals of staying fit over the holidays, and decide on a time that works best for you both. You can help motivate one another to get up and get moving. Time flies when you are having fun, and that even applies to workouts!
  • Get Involved. Nowadays there seems to be a race or walk for just about every holiday. Find an event near you and get your family involved. It usually always turns out to be a good time and it will most likely turn out to be a family tradition.
  • Look for a deal. The nice thing about the holidays is there is always a good sale going on somewhere. Gyms usually have their best pricing on memberships, workout clothes tend to be cheaper and even at home exercise equipment is close out pricing. If you have been wanting any of these things, the holidays are a great time to buy them.
  • Use your stress to de stress. The holidays can be rough. So many things to do, in such a short amount of time. A great way to use all that stress is to actually go and de stress on a walk, a short hike or even a jaunt to the gym. I promise, you will always feel better after!

30 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout

1.   Jumping Jacks (45 seconds)


*rest 10 seconds

2.   Mountain Climbers (45 seconds)


*rest 10 seconds

3.   Bodyweight Squats (45 seconds)


*rest 10 seconds

4.   Burpees (45 seconds


*rest 10 seconds

5.   Tuck Jumps (45 seconds)


*rest 10 seconds

6.   Push Ups (45 seconds)


*rest 10 seconds

7.High Knees (45 seconds)


*rest 60 seconds

*repeat entire sequence 3 times



My name is Lisa but some people call me Veggie Lisa. I am a mom of four kids who loves to dance, cook, exercise, shop, decorate, and enjoy all the beautiful things the state of Utah has to offer. I have had a very long journey to get to the place that I am now, strong and confident but most of all happy. At one point in my life I weighed 200 pounds. It took 11 long years and 4 babies later to finally learn how to nourish my body properly and be comfortable in my own skin. Being a life long vegetarian, I have a passion for vegetables and love teaching my kids how delicious they can be. Most people find veggies very, very, very boring. And gross. But not me! I love all things green and the more colorful my plate is, the happier I am. Vegetables don’t have to be boring! My motto is eat good, feel good, look good. When we eat good food and treat our bodies with respect, the rest falls into place.

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